Gatherings – Li Edelkoort at the Milan Design Week 2015

I discovered Li Edelkoort‘s exhibitions last year for the first time at the Salone and I loved it! She changed the location this year at Ventura Labrate with Gathering – From Domestic Craft To Contemporary Process which belongs to a larger exhibition that has originally been commissioned by Design Museum Holon (Israel).

Gathering-Li Edelkoort- Eclectic Trends

Vadim Kibardin | Floris Wubben | Ditte Hammerstrom | Jule Waibel | Aleksandra Gaca | Meike Harde

“A time to design flexible geometric patterns that can be imagined in different handmade techniques: to plead materials into newer, stricter shapes with a folding technique that has been fascinating man since the beginning of time; to wrap objects as if creating contemporary sculptures, so that the packaging becomes the expressive outer skin of the product; to layer and compact fabrics into club-sandwich in multiple strata of fluid material; to drape textiles into elegant examples of cultural forms; to smock matter into spheres of ornamental opulence, leading to the revival of a baroque moment.

Gathering--Li Edelkoort-Eclectic Trends

 Pepe Heykoop | Christina Liljenberg Hastrom

These kinds of gathering go back in time and belong to the collective memory of our mothers and grandmothers patiently sliding needle and thread up and down a fragile textile, meticulously mending an old pair of socks, serenely quilting by the fire place, softly knitting some wool yarn into new forms or lovingly smocking the garment of a new-born grandchild. At times, mothers would be exuberant and outgoing working on Sunday best clothes and heritage linens, using embellishments with haberdashery, pearl buttons and opulent techniques like shirring and smoking. To fulfill their fantasies, ribbons could be used for ornamentation and embroidery could narrate their innermost thoughts and feelings, communicating to other their female perspectives.

Gathering--Li Edelkoort-Eclectic Trends

In an incredible reversal of roles, these demoting techniques are now inspiring our high-tech industries driving them to review the production process with new and abundant options, lending a sense of frivolity industrial design, feminizing the modernist movement, domesticating the creation of form. On the eve of this major revival of industrial processes, the design world suddenly lays witness to several young designers compelled to invent their own machines or reform existing engines in order to manufacture their own designs – a fresh generation of inventors/designers interested in the process as much as in the final product, viewing the machine as an ally rather than a constraint.

Gathering-Li Edelkoort-Eclectic Trends

 Bernotat&Co | Issey Miyake | Christina Liljenberg Hastrom | Kiki van Eijk

Bridging the gap between different age groups and genders, between rich and poor, and between craft and industry, these options offer made-to-measure and made-to-taste solutions for the public at large. In becoming one, man and machine create a bond that is a  promise for all future developments in the 21st century. The hand and the engine gather together to create a new manual for the design discipline, waiting to be explored.”

Gathering--Li Edelkoort-Eclectic Trends

Anton Alvarez | Jule Waibel | Min Nan Hui | Issey Miyake &Reality Lab

Texts by Li Edelkoort. It’s interesting to read her texts and though I might have sensed a similar movement, I am not able to put it into words the way she does it. Would love to have one of her exhibitions one day in Barcelona. G, x

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Liebe Gudy,
    vielen lieben Dank für den tollen Bericht zur Li Edelkoort Ausstellung. Finde ich eine sehr interessante Sichtweise und passt ja auch zu ihren Aussagen zum “Ende von Fashion”. Bei The Hive hat Jana von Plique auch einen sehr interessanten Vortrag zu Thema “Sustainable Wardrobe” gehalten (
    Außerdem wollte ich Dir noch sagen, wie toll ich Deinen Table of the Month finde!! Wir sind soooo begeistert.
    Ganz liebe Grüße,

    1. Toni, schön dich hier zu lesen. 1000 Dank für die Info zur Hive Conference, das werde ich mir in Ruhe anschauen. Und klasse, dass es Euch das Shooting gefallen hat, das macht mich wirklich happy! Freue mich auf Eure neue Ausgabe und es online zu sehen! :-) Un abrazo.

  2. It’s nice to focus on the fabric to exhibit and looks so opulent here all together. I have to say that I have a soft spot for quilted fabric and love seeing it back in the homewares. Big hugs to you Gudy. Mel xx

  3. Dear Gudy,
    thank you for your report here from Milan and your very interesting posts.

    I only know Li Edelkoort from her mag bloom, but through your post here, I would love to have one of her exhibitions one day in Hamburg (or Berlin)!


    1. Sehr gern. Ja, Berlin könnt eine Option sein, sie stellt ja in den grossen Städten aus und hat verschiedene Ausstellungen gleichzeitig laufen. Ich hätte sie auch gern in Barcelona:)

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