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Ginlee Studio Singapore is a place of retail respite

Ginlee Studio Singapore designed by Wynk Collaborative Studio is a place of calm and peace amongst the hectic pace of the surrounding city.

With soft lines and a palette of off-whites, pebble wash, and accents of wood and stainless steel, clients are instantly submerged into a soft world of serenity.


An inviting “outdoor” courtyard with lush greenery, bathed in a diffused white glow, forms the focal point of the store, drawing the eye of the visitor inwards as soon as you step through the door.

A workshop table, composed of abstract volumes is situated on one side of the store, facing a sinuous wall overhanging the folded clothing rails on the other.

Known for making pleated garments, the store not only sells their ready to wear collection but also offers a first-of-its-kind pleated-to-order service for a selected range of products, with the aim to reduce wastage by only producing items upon request, thereby minimising surplus stock at the end of a season.



The Design Experience

  1. A customer may select the colour and size of a particular product.
  2. The piece is then hand-pleated and finished on-site using the built-in steamer.
  3. With the finished product ready to collect after only a short period of time the customer is encouraged to stand counter-side to observe the pleating process or sit down in the courtyard area to enjoy the greenery and respite while waiting for the requested product to be finished.

The Story Behind Ginlee

Coming together as designers from two different disciplines, design is, and always will be, at the core of Ginlee Studio

In a world where garments are churned out rapidly, their laborious process has been deemed a luxury in today’s pace of fast fashion.

Ginlee Studio takes immense pride in creating beautiful, thoughtfully-designed pieces that are mainstays in one’s wardrobe.

Equipped with Fashion and Industrial design backgrounds, their passion extends towards 3d elements that flatter the female form and make wearable pieces of art.

Sustainable Contributors

Every garment that is made and the impact that it has on the wearer and the environment are consciously thought through.

Beginning on paper, a design undergoes many laboured iterations to ensure the best fit – both on the body and the lifestyle of the customer, and to produce as little waste as possible.

Once a style is considered, they put it through rounds of performance tests before cutting up our fabrics.

Fabrics that make the cut are those that have longevity or are sustainably produced.

It is a constant mission to strike the right balance between creating a functional wardrobe that transcends time and trends and being conscious of the impact on the environment.


“While we take great pride in making clothes that make women feel beautiful in, we strongly believe that it should not be at the expense of the environment.We have two initiatives in place aimed at tackling the issue of waste and overproduction.”

Ginlee Studio


Get-Order-On Demand (GOOD for short) is an initiative encouraging slow fashion. Wait and be rewarded with a discount. GOOD allows Ginlee to produce less, more precisely and not to have much overstock and waste at the end of the season. To read more about Ginlee’s design process, click here.

To read more on our blog about the retail projects that inspire us click here 






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