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Protected: Giveaway: Sunkissed print by Hilde Mork

Giveaway by Hilde Mork on Eclectic Trends

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How about some extra inspiration?

92 Responses

  1. I love the way the light falls only on a small part of the flowers and yet in the darkness you can still see the beauty. I think it’s stunning.

  2. Hi there, well what a beautiful image to see first thing as I turn on my computer at work. It’s getting rather chilly here in the UK and what brightens up my day is catching up on your blog and newsletter. Written in such a personal way, as if it’s just to the person reading it! Love it, thank you for sharing you effortless images I enjoy and value them hugely for my work and my guilty pleasure too! Have a fab day :) Lollyx

  3. Love it! 😘 So pretty, delicate – we are just about to start decorating an entire house, would definitely give me inspiration 💕

  4. Hello Gudy,

    this print is just so lovely. If I should be so lucky to winn it, it would probbably end up hanging in my bedroom too.

  5. I follow Hilde on Instagram since a few month and I really adore her work. It would be great to have this wonderful print on my wall.

    Greetings from Berlin

  6. Beautiful work! What a lovely give-away, so just before Christmas. Wishing happy holidays to you and all contenders. And I’m keeping mt fingers crossed !

  7. The artwork is beautiful and I love the feeling, the colors and the sunlight in this beautiful artwork. I would love to will this and I would give this a good exposure in my new home. <3

  8. …so pretty!! It really is a gem, I would love to hang it up in my office and get lovely vibes anf beauty from it every day. Best wishes, Nadine!

  9. Hauntingly beautiful… I can feel the life and death in surprising harmony in this work. I’d love to see it every day in my studio, so inspirational….

  10. this is so lovely and would look wonderful in the living room of the new place i’m moving into at the beginning of 2017. i would be absolutely honored to receive it! . :-) hope you had a nice thanksgiving

  11. I saw it briefly the first time and it immediately remind me of the roses we had in our garden in Ibiza when I was a child. They were the biggest, most perfumated flowers I’ve ever seen. It’s a nice feeling to be reminded you of your childhood like that…it’s almost like I can smell them!

  12. Just stunning! I’d love to have it on my wall.
    Thank you for this introduction to Hilde’s work, it’s great to discover new, inspirational artists.

  13. wunderschön!! …ja, und ich hätte das Bild sehr gerne, um im Winter-Alltag auch die Rosen zu riechen! ;-) herzliche Grüße, aus dem gefrorenen OberÖsterreich

  14. Hi Gudy,

    What a wonderful gift, thank you for the beautiful introduction to Hilde’s work.

    I’m just sitting down to my morning break with a coffee, swaddled in a blanket with the low but strong morning sun warming my face through the window whilst out side the sun’s rays gently melting the glistening frost from the ground. I shall sit and peruse the Hilde’s beautiful sketch book on instagram.

    Wishing you a peaceful and hygge Christmas.
    Emma x

  15. Its a cold & frosty morning here and these ‘sunkissed’ roses make me think of catching the last warm sun at the end of summer, time passing, the way they are falling apart, and such beautiful colours, id love to have a print, and shall look up more work by Hilde Mork regardless! thanks for showing usher work.

  16. Hi there Gudy,

    Hilde’s work is truly exquisite and unique!
    As a floral designer, this image speaks to my in such a powerful way. The light, the layers, the textures…
    I absolutely love it!
    Wishing everybody the best of luck for this giveaway and a wonderful week.

  17. Thank you for the inspiring newsletter and daily trend insights. You are and always be my trend superstar! :) The light captured in this image is simply stunning – I can see it waking up with me in the mornings :)

  18. I adore flowers and I love photography, so this gem is a perfect combination! I still have lots of white walls to fill in my newly refurbished Palma based apartment and it would get a special place in my collection. Great idea and best wishes

  19. It beckons me. Seriously. The flowers are tumbling out of the frame hoping to arrive on my wall! I swear it. And if it did arrive, I would treasure it…

  20. Crossing fingers that am the lucky winner of this painting. Please come to Los Angeles for a workshop as I love your work! Happy holidays!!

  21. Hello Gudy, this is such a lovely sentiment and thankyou from you to all of us that enjoy your blog throughout the year. I would love to see this in real life…. wishing you a wonderful Christmas when it comes. Yvonne xx

  22. Me encantan las flores, y esta lámina me parece divina, ojalá tenga suerte y la pueda poner en mi habitación…
    Muchas gracias Gudy por toda la inspiración que nos das.

  23. I’ve been following you for a year now on Pinterest and now on your blog. You’ve got a really good eye for the unique and ethereal. I really enjoy following your blog. Thank you so much for all the inspiration, and also for offering this dreamy artwork! This would make me smile everyday if I had it in my home :)

    Lots of love from London

  24. Hello Gudy,

    The print is full of sensibility, it reflects the subtle beauty of person behind the photograph.

    I’d love to have it, as I’m a flower lover since I was child, it is now the moment where I am making my dream could come true, experiencing with flowers, scents and design.
    I feel the gorgeous picture could be the perfect poetic symbol heading my creative zone, as inspiration and a point where the imagination could fly and meet the dream <3

    Many thanks for the opportunity!

  25. Woow what a beautiful print. I would like to win it. As it reminds me of the old medieval painting masters.

  26. I LOVE this artwork! Reminds me of my grandmothers garden. I would be so happy to win. Happy Holidays!

    Thank you,

  27. The dark mood of this print (with just a touch of warm light) would be perfect on my grey walls. I would absolutely love to win this print. Thanks Gudy

  28. Thankyou Gudy for all your wonderful work! You are really my favourite trend setter. About this picture, I love it because it’s like a wonderful ancient painting! I’d definitely like to have it in my house (with a dark red velvet sofa I have in the living room!) Anyway have a lovely Christmas and happy new year. Daniela

  29. Usually I’m not such a floral print lover but this one really stands out from the orinairy ones. Especially with the holidays coming up this artwork would add just that warm feeling to my xmas table.

  30. A sentence I once read, springs to my mind when I look at the picture: sometimes when it seems all of the pieces are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.

  31. Roses are beautiful! They are my mother’s favourite flower and reminds me of her. The pale pink is stunning. Thank you for introducing me to this artist.

  32. I have been loving your blog and would love to win this piece of artwork. Would look great in my office in New Zealand.

  33. This print is so beautiful! I would love to give it to my aunt as a housewarming present for her and her fiance’s new apartment!

  34. Hola! Me encantaría porque hace mucho tiempo que la sigo en Instagram y me apasiona su trabajo 😍 Además estoy haciendo cambios en mi habitación y me quedaría divina! So… I cross my fingers!

  35. Hola Gudy! Gracias por presentarme a Hilde! Su trabajo es muy interesante y está lleno de sensibilidad. Y respecto al giveaway, creo que quedaría genial en las paredes de casa, recién pintadas de gris.. Muchas gracias!!

  36. It makes me smile once that it remembers a family love! I would love to have it to decorate my room, where online love can come in 💗!

  37. I would love to win this beautiful piece of art. I have been looking for artwork for my plain walls and this would really add some depth.


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