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Giveaway Plant Tribe Book

Plant Tribe Review | Eclectic Trends

We will probably spend much time indoors now, why not fact-checking how we can enhance our lives with our green buddies? It’s the perfect timing for this giveaway of the Plant Tribe Book, or should we say self-care guide? Because this is what at the end very much this book is about.

Igor Josifovic and Judith Joelix, creators of @urbanjungleblog and authors of the former bestselling book Urban Jungle have published a new plant edition aimed at a wider audience than typical houseplant books. It has nothing to do with what I’ve seen and read until now. The proof is, I got my hands on the book four days ago and have read 2/3 of it, and I mean every single line!

Love is the essence of live. It drives us, challenges us, makes life beautiful-and sometimes transforms it into a roller-coaster ride, complete with ups and downs and crazy loops. Through it all, love is what keeps us doing and shapes us. Love also demands that we nurture it: It is based on giving and receiving. And all this rings true for our love for plants as well as people.”
Igor Josifovic & Judith de Graaff



Let me give you a little insight into what I believe makes this book unique. You will not get inspired and learn about plant features (only), but this is probably the best plant bible that is on the market. I am a firm believer in delivering value, we live a moment with an oversaturated offering of any kind, and inspirational content alone is not doing the trick anymore.

Plant Tribe

  1. focuses on positive emotions and how to increase their frequency in our lives

  2. gives practical advice on how to combine crystals and plants for healing and energy boosts. You’ll learn about 10 crystals that are good for your plants. And you!

  3. explains which six plants remove specific toxins in your home

  4. puts terms like hortophilia, biophilia, and JOMO to name a few, in a new context

  5. suggests meditation practices among plants (breathe, listen, sketch, walk)

  6. explains why the human eye is better at perceiving green than any other color in the universe

  7. helps with a room-by-room guide

  8. shares ideas of how and where to place plants

  9. introduces you to plant lovers, you will learn about their favorite plants, plant decor ideas, and number of plants (expect to see up to 600 per home😎)

among many other tips and showing several plant lover homes around the globe (Judit, Igor, and Jules were traveling three weeks to visit them all).


Plant Tribe Review | Eclectic Trends

Plant Tribe Book Giveaway | Eclectic Trends

Plant Tribe Book Giveaway | Eclectic Trends

Giveaway Plant Tribe | Eclectic Trends

Plant Tribe Review | Eclectic Trends  Plant Tribe Review | Eclectic Trends

Giveaway Plant Tribe | Eclectic Trends

Giveaway Plant Tribe | Eclectic Trends

Book Review Plant Tribe | Eclectic Trends

Ph. by the fab Jules Villebrandt



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3// Tag a friend who you think needs a bit of plant/self-care these days, too.


We are closing the draw on Monday, 06 (10 pm GMT+1). The lucky winners of the Plant Tribe book are announced on the same IG feed, and we will ask you to come back to us in 72 hours. Best of luck. G,x



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One Response

  1. Las plantas son seres maravillosos y mágicos que nos ayudan a sanar espiritual, mental, emocional y físicamente. A mi en lo personal me han ayudado a sanar personas con su maravillosa energía respetando las y pidiendo permiso si me pueden ayudar en ese momento a sanar a las personas. Mi técnica es presentarme con ellas pongo mi mano izquierda en mi plexo solar y mi mano derecha extendida en escuadra a 90 grados y le dijo ” Hola querida hermana, maestra planta yo soy Fernanda me presento ante ti” y solicitó su ayuda para sanar con su potente energía y ellas contestan si penduleo hacia delante es un Sí y si ella no puede mi penduleo es hacia atrás maravillosas y sabias las amo.

    Gracias por esta propuesta de libro es grandioso.

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