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Graphic House redefines the power of color in interiors

Office S&M Graphic house shelves

Graphic House: a colourful renovation journey.

People often prioritise functionality and comfort over aesthetics when it comes to home renovations. However, there are those who see the potential of design in enhancing not only the functionality of their homes but also their emotional well-being.

This is what happened when two graphic designers and their two young daughters approached Office S&M to renovate their Edwardian house in Hackney.

Office S&M Graphic house family

The result is the Graphic House, a stunning renovation project that redefines the power of colour in interiors.

Office S&M Graphic house kitchen

Office S&M draws inspiration from the homeowners’ love of graphics and Art Deco forms, incorporating distinct shapes and bright colours to create a unique and playful atmosphere throughout the house.

Defining Moments with Colour

Colour is a critical element in the Graphic House’s design. A variety of colours has been used to define key moments throughout the house and tell a story about the building’s purpose and history. For instance, a minty green tone is used as a graphic tool to highlight all the new-built elements on the ground floor, from the curved walls of the toilet to the kitchen and rear garden wall. Yellow is used for the window and door frames, drawing attention to the new openings.

Office S&M Graphic house breakfast bar

In areas where existing walls have been restored, the pink plaster has been left bare, revealing the maker’s hand and bringing warmth and softness to the space. The clever use of colour highlights objects and elements in the space, such as a red curved extractor hood that projects like a nose from the kitchen wall, marking the cooking space.

Playful Shapes and Circular Motifs

The Graphic House features playful shapes and circular motifs throughout the space, creating a sense of playfulness and adventure that reflects the family’s love of the outdoors. Over-scaled stairs painted on the wall draw you up, while reflective circular shapes help connect different levels and capture sunlight from the roof-light above, bringing it downstairs.

Office S&M Graphic house window

Circular shapes also puncture walls, providing new views and graphic compositions that play out as one moves through the space. In the stairwell, circular mirrors and glossy paint reflect light and create new perspectives, while the kitchen window acts as a time marker, tracking the passing of time and the seasons.

Echoes of Art Deco and Sustainability

The design firm incorporates Art Deco elements throughout the house, echoing the homeowners’ love for curved edges and the Art Deco fireplace in the original house. Round windows and mirrors, curved walls, and rounded worktops complement the original features and create a sense of continuity and harmony throughout the space.

Office S&M Graphic house kitchen living room

Office S&M Graphic house kitchen dining

The homeowners were also keen on creating a more sustainable and energy-efficient home. The design firm added insulation and restored the house wherever possible, using recycled plastic cutlery melted down to create hardwearing kitchen surfaces.

Office S&M Graphic house shelves

The Graphic House is a testament to the power of design and colour in creating a functional, sustainable, and emotionally fulfilling home. From defining moments with colour to playful shapes and circular motifs, the design firm successfully captured the family’s love of graphics and Art Deco forms while creating a space that reflects their adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors.

Office S&M Graphic house hallway

Office S&M Graphic house dining area

Office S&M Graphic house bathroom

Images: French + Tye

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