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GREAT NEWS 2018, part I

Trend Conferences 2018 with Gudy Herder from Eclectic Trends

As written in today’s newsletter, I have to say, I am very excited about 2018! Whether you are on the list or not, I wanted to share what is going to happen during the first quarter including upcoming Trend Conferences 2018:

January kicks off with the first Trend Think Tank ever I am organising in Barcelona and I am thrilled! Seven experts from different areas such as innovation, technology, food, fashion, textile, travel, and interior design are gathering to define the One Big Idea for Spring/Summer 2019. We will moodboard, define color palettes, analyse consumer behaviour and see the general direction that leads us towards 4 Trends Spring/Summer 2019.
This has been a longtime dream and we will repeat the event later this year. (If you are interested in taking part, drop me a line o leave comment below!)


February is the final Research Month (we actually already started in Autumn 2017) where we bring all trends together, keep on looking out for more evidence and finalize ideas, concepts and visuals. Texting and layouting comes next because…


March sees the light for the first time of our Digital Report of 4 Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends Spring/Summer 2019 which you can buy on Eclectic Trends. It comes packed with relevant information I will share with you soon.

So this is kind of a new era for me and the team. Instead of working big trends only for client projects we offer now the opportunity to get a wider audience to check, design and plan according to trends.

I always believed smaller companies and creatives should have the same access because #TrendsMatter to everyone. Now more than ever in a world of so much sameness.

What else is going on? Actually a lot.

And in case you are interested, open to access during these first three month are:

  1. Two mood board courses in March (the Spanish edition is almost sold out and the English course is getting packed)

  2. A trend lecture at the imm Cologne on January, 17

  3. In the planning two trend lectures in Barcelona and Madrid (I am going to tell you more soon)

  4. I have been producing a podcast with the Spanish Design Association RED AEDE talking trends (will send the link soon)

I can’t wait to share with you more news coming up for the next trimester! Here is to an exciting 2018! G, x


2. You can get a free edit of a part of the lecture right here

4. Here goes the link to the podcast

How about some extra inspiration?

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