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Great news! And a corner of my home featured at Armoire, Pegs and Casserole!

I don’t know quite where to start with. I am still kind of in the holiday mood being back just a 50% (the other half of me is still enjoying the beach a few hours per day until I start traveling again)…and there is already so much to write about.

I have stayed home this year, we just did a couple of short trips to Girona (North Spain) and Mallorca since this year is still very busy with many long trips to come and I wanted to enjoy my home being off-line which turned out to be a fantastic decision.

And I do have some GREAT NEWS: I have been invited by Modenus to take part in the Los Angeles BlogTour in October, and I am more than excited to meet old friends (Will and Geraldine will be there too), new blogger pals and fly to a place I have never been before attending the WestEdge Design Fair!  It’s going to be a moved month since I am traveling shortly after to China :-) Ha, what a year!

My SpaceCollage

During my summer break Mel, a Sydney girl living in Auckland (New Zealand) has been writing a very lovely feature about a corner of my home called My Space on her wonderful blog Armoire, Pegs and Casserole. I’d like you to hop over and say “Hello” and get to know her since Mel is one of the most supportive and caring persons I have met in the blogosphere, and even she lives a little far right now I know we’ll meet one day in person!

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. It sounds like you have been enjoying some lovely time offline – great! Enjoyed reading the post on Mel’s blog and to see a peek inside your place.

    And… YAY for Blog Tour LA, I’m so excited that we all get to hang out and explore the LA design scene together. x

  2. Hello my sweetest! Welcome back! Looking forward to our next “Earthly Delights” session and have fantastic news as well. I am invited by Pays d’OC IGP to discover more wine, châteaux and south france in september.
    Let’s FaceTime the next days,

    1. Yippie! They know who to take! That is just fantastic news, Sandy. I am PROUD of you!Get a large suitcase for all the bottles to take with you:-)

  3. Your home is gorgeous! Excited for your trip to LA. Let me know if you make to NY! Would love to see you.

  4. Hi Gudy!

    Thank you so much for showing a corner of your home on my blog. You really hit a note with my readers and we all want to see more please;-)

    A huge congratulations about BlogTour, I can’t wait to read all about it from you, Will and Geraldine! You guys are going to have so much fun!

    Enjoy some quiet days xoxo Mel

  5. So wonderful news Gudy and you offline holiday sounds amazing:-) And YES it’s was so wonderful to see a corner of you home on Mel’s blog, please let Mel show some more before you’re moving:-) Biggest hugs Mette

  6. Fan absoluta de Mel. Me encanta su blog. Seguidora desde YA!

    De tu rincón ya te dije que era especial como seguro eres tu! Estoy viendo a través del espejo una tapicería alucinante…

    Gracias por descubrirme a Mel.



  7. Hello Gudy,
    I am sorry I am reading your blog again only, now but after holidays, work kept me occupied for the entire time and I couldn’t go through your blog until today.
    I have missed so many things!!!
    Welcome back from holidays firstly and Congratulations for all the good news you are sharing and the trips your going to make.
    I am pretty sure everything will go fine and I will look forward to read your posts for every single event you are going to partecipate. What is most important I am looking forward to see the new trends out of the Old Continent.
    Read the post My Space, certainly I am not the only that who is in love with the tiles of your floor!!! I love the combination between grey and white!!!They are so longlasting and so pliable.

    1. Dear Alba,
      love your comment and do really appreciate!
      I am missing your posts. Will you be back to blogging soon again? xx

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