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Hannah Lemholt for Love Warriors // and a new online shop

I have been following Hannah’s work for quite some time browsing hours through her blog. She says she has been living 30 years before starting to do photography and looking at her images, that’s hard to believe. It looks like she hasn’t been doing anything different her whole life. I am glad though she discovered her talent and we can enjoy her soulful work today. She has teamed up with Love Warriors, in fact, she is “one of the warriors”, a creative team with expertise in design, architecture, styling, photography, … and has created a stunning series of photographs with a limited edition of 50 ex. “Aiming at the duality of our company name; the love and the war, ~ & also at the duality of love itself; of falling & flying, she has realized four visions thru her camera & onto the most amazing hahnemule 100% cotton photo rag, that with its matt watercolor texture is ideal for photo art.”

Hannah Lemholt

The following pieces (and the photo art too) can be shopped online here and the pictures belong to Hannah’s work too. I can’t believe how caring and beautiful all this work is.

Los objetos de a continuación (igual que las fotos de arriba) se pueden comprar on-line aquí. Las fotos también son de Hannah. Me impresiona el cuidado con que se han escogido y realizado las imágenes. De verdad.

Le he seguido a Hannah y su trabajo desde hace algún tiempo pasando horas en su blog. Ella dice que hasta los primeros 30 años de su vida no empezó con la fotografía. Viendo su arte es difícil de imaginárselo pero menos mal que descubrió su talento y que podamos disfrutar hoy en día de su arte. Se ha juntado a Love Warriors, un equipo de creativos dedicado al diseño, arquitectura, estilismo y fotografía…y ha creado para ellos una serie limitada de 50 piezas de fotografías preciosas. “Teniendo en cuenta la dualidad del nombre de nuestra marca; el amor y la guerra, y también la dualidad del amor de por sí, ella ha realizado 4 visiones a través de su cámara plasmadas en papel hahnemule 100% algodón photo rag que resulta ideal para el arte fotográfico por su textura mate tipo acuarela.”


So, have you bought photo art from any photographer you admire?

¿Habéis comprado alguna vez una obra de fotografía original?

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. These are really beautiful images Gudy, her work is beautiful from what I can see (especially the hands) and will go check her website now.

    We have quite a bit of photo art, normally photo journalism style. Our most beautiful original would be one we have of Franco Zecchin, a magnum photographer who took photos of the Italian mafia, the one we have is one of the non explicit ones (behind me in my about me actually). M x

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