Thrilled to be a FRAME jury member-This is what we do.

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Back To The Jury. I’m happy I could make it this time and hopefully add as a FRAME jury member. I’ve been reading FRAME for ages and always admired their sharp eye for what is going on behind the scenes. Being a jury member has given me wonderful opportunities at former processes to access projects and creatives I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise. Also, it’s good to encourage and give positive feedback and let people know they’ve done a terrific job. If you feel they didn’t, on this occasion, we can let them know why (always from the most respective point of view, of course). In my experience, this type of feedback can be very helpful, too.
I’m in an excellent company; you can see below my colleagues if you are curious by clicking on the image.

The awards aim to become a more democratic, integral part of the global interior design community, including designers, architects, and planners, but also contractors, manufacturers, retailers, hospitality entrepreneurs, creative directors, design managers, and developers.

We will study and score 84 global design projects during May.

They will be released daily, and we have the opportunity to look into the proposals and score these four parameters.



Does the space offer a new concept within its sector?


Is the space’s design original?


Is the space designed in a human-centric way?


Does the design support social, economic, and environmental wellbeing?

On June 08 the FRAME jury will have a life jury session you can attend (follow me on IG and sign up for the Wednesday Journal for further news if you’d like to watch it).

To my delight, I’ve discovered a few submitted projects we have in our trend report and my fellow jury member seem to appreciate them too (not everybody has voted so far). In today’s newsletter you can discover already one (it’s the last entry.


FRAME Jury Member Gudy Herder


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