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4 Heimtextil Textile Trends 2016-17

Erich_Heimtextil Trends 2016/17_Eclectic Trends

I will not be able to attend the show this year but I’d love to share with you anyhow the 4  Heimtextil Textile Trends 2016-17 have been forecasted by an international trend table (more info at the end of the post) and hope it inspires you. Textiles are so important in the trend world since they hold artisan knowledge and innovation as their basic components putting being in the spotlight of all creative disciplines. Here go the Heimtextil Trends 2016/17:

Finding ways to raise harmony in our lifestyle in order to protect our minds, energise our beings, nourish our bodies and enrich our souls…

The circle of wellness is a perfect balance between minimal and ornamental, slow and fast, nature and culture, retreat and connection, past and future…

In a constantly connected world, it hardly seems possible to be offline anymore.
Yet, the desire and need for well-being and wellness, linked with a deep desire for a home that gives us peace and harmony, is stronger than ever today.
In an era of unprecedented information exchange, people will find respite in the home, where their furniture, textiles and design products are infused with scent or reveal textures that appeal to well-being.
Purchasing a balanced and harmonious way of living, the emphasis will be placed on bringing the human element back into design.

This years theme tune park Well_being 4.0 is all about

Protect your mind
Energise your being
Nourish your body
Enrich your soul

1// PROTECT: good for us

The trend is all about protecting our physical, but above all our psychological needs.

Protect-4-Heimtextil-Textile-Trends-2016-17-Eclectic Trends

The colors here reflect the idea of purity, lightness and silence whether found in daylight or at night.

Materials and shapes:

Protect-4-Heimtextil-Textile-Trends-2016-17-Eclectic Trends

This trend predicts a clean aesthetic, or crisp, understated design. It goes hand in hand with a versatile range of wellness products and detox programmes. As a valuable and rare commodity, silence takes centre stage.

It becomes an antidote to a world where we’re constantly connected and increasingly feel the desire to switch off and do ourselves some good.

2// ENERGISE: digital dreams

People use technology to boost their feelings of well-being. The borders between being online and offline are becoming blurred. And the digital world is encroaching on our physical world.

Energise-4-Heimtextil-Textile-Trends-2016/17-Eclectic Trends

This color palette pulsates with high and low contrasts. Intense and almost fluorescent shades vibrate against deeper electric blue hues.

Materials and shapes:

Energise-4-Heimtextil-Textile-Trends-2016/17-Eclectic Trends

In this process, light is becoming a new way of creating intangible shapes and highlighting dynamic contours. The color spectrum pulsates between strong and weak contrasts.

This high-energy trend livens up the aesthetic with intensive brilliance and gloss, kaleidoscopic patterns and humorous, athletic designs.

3// NOURISH: sensory design

Urban and natural landscapes converge and spawn a new, sustainable world. The focus is on making areas green.

Nourish-4-Heimtextil-Textile-Trends-2016-17-Eclectic Trends

The emphasis is on greenery with colors that celebrate the beauty of a green hue and its environmental elements, such as earth, stone, deep browns and greys, in harmony with elements such as the soil and stone.

Materials and shapes:

Nourish-4-Heimtextil-Textile-Trends-2016/17-Eclectic Trends

Natural materials are coupled with pioneering design. Handcrafted products play a special part in the process by accentuating the beauty of the source.


4// ENRICH: appealing to all senses

The focus is placed on opulent and highly decorative elements which blend cultural references with the past and future.

Enrich-4-Heimtextil-Textile-Trends-2016/17-Eclectic Trends

Generous, deep colours such as plum and carmine red flourish with metallic accents of gold, brass and gunmetals.

Materials and shapes:

Enrich-4-Heimtextil-Textile-Trends-2016/17-Eclectic Trends

Ornamental ensembles and shimmering, classy materials are eye-catching. Superb, rich colors like plum and crimson abound with metallic gold, brass and bronze elements. A hint of the Orient is blended with iconic patterns which reinterpret classicism with splendour to perfection.

Every year in Spring, the Trendtable in charge of the Heimtextil trends meets for two days in Frankfurt am Main. Then, the Trendtable members close the doors, exchange their trend ideas with each other and, on this basis, develop joint international predictions for the coming season. Each year a different team acts as the lead organisation for the development of the Trend Book and the concept for the presentation. This year WGSN group (USA) will have this task. Actually, the last trend ENRICH reminds me very much of PAST-MODERN,  a very interesting take from WGSN I have written about here. G, x

How about some extra inspiration?

5 Responses

  1. Thanks for this Gudy. It´s always interesting and inspirational to see these images and reports.

  2. i visited the Heimtextil last Tuesday and was impressed and inspired by their presentation and the interesting lectures. Thank you for your wonderful summery. Have a nice time at IMM : )

  3. Gracias!!!
    El post es exelente, realmente estaba buscando algo que refleje lo que vengo viendo en mi pequeño mundo y lo que deseo hacer.
    Estoy diseñando una marca de indumentaria, que involucra tejidos en materiales naturales , manos artesanas locales, pero de diseños más orientado a lo futurista que tradicionales… es todo un proyecto
    Me siento identificada con las tendencia PROTEC y NOURICH , voy a seguir trabajando.



    1. Me alegro que te haya servido.Mira, ante todo incluye el tema de ‘Tactility’, es la gran tendencia actual. En el blog hay varios artículos sobre ello.

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