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Help us pick the artwork cover of our new trend report!

Artwork Rafafans for new trend report

We thought it could be nice to make you part of a decision process we are having now.
You see below two works by digital artist Rafafans. They are covers for an upcoming trend report (we are back to digital reports on Eclectic Trends 🤟), and since they are both great, we couldn’t decide which one to pick.

The study tackles new directions we see within the maker culture (artisans/designers/creatives at large) for 2024. A few projects we share on this cover are included in the digital interpretation. They look like textures, but they are actually real designs we will present to you in the report.

Which one is your favourite? The majority decides, and we will implement your choice. We can’t wait to see the final result and book cover.

Please write Artwork No.1 or Artwork No.2 in the comment section below. 

We will send a preview of the upcoming trend report to everybody who has left a comment. Thank you:)





Eclectic Trends-Artwork-Rafafans-2


How about some extra inspiration?

82 Responses

  1. Artwork #1 – feels more sculptural and present. Each piece feels thoughtfully placed and relate to each other. It’s also the less expected which I wholeheartedly endorse.

  2. I vote for Artwork No. 2 for its symmetry. Its shapes forms an alter reaching out with an offering. I love the color palette, too. It feels both organic and crystalline.

  3. Artwork 2 for its composition and cool / warm colour palette, though I am not sure what the image is expressing.

  4. Number 1 gives a feel for the future using representations from differing elements , they are both great designs , but number 1 takes my vote

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