An inspiring color palette: The Henrietta Hotel in London

Hotel Henrietta London via Eclectic Trends

Being an interior enthusiast, you probably can relate to the fact, that visiting Salone del Mobile feels like a brand new recommencement. Surprisingly often and even months after visiting the Salone we stumble over references and inspiring details that were born in Milan only: The Parisian Designer of the Henrietta Hotel in London, Dorothee Meilichzon says about her very first inspiration on the designing process:

‚My first inspiration for the hotel was the street itself… It reminded me of the antique ornamentation : arches, capitals, bas-relief… And also all those amazing door frames we can find in apartments in Milan.‘ –  Dorothee Meilichzon

Hotel Henrietta London via Eclectic Trends

Hotel Henrietta London via Eclectic Trends

Hotel Henrietta London via Eclectic Trends

Hotel Henrietta London via Eclectic Trends

Hotel Henrietta London via Eclectic Trends

Hotel Henrietta London via Eclectic Trends

Hotel Henrietta London via Eclectic Trends

Hotel Henrietta London via Eclectic Trends

 Karel Balas Photography

Those of you, who remember the tour through the spectacular Dimore Studio might also remember the exuberant door frames that add so much character to the studio and that Meilichzon is talking about. For the Henrietta Hotel  the designer translated this inspiration in form of enormously big bed heads and combined into a unit made of mirrors, fabric panels with fabric from Rubelli and hand painted patterns, all assembled by hand. Because the inspiration was sparked by the street (Henrietta St) and the traditional neighboring 19th century buildings, many other classical elements were added to the interiors, like Carrara Marble, capitols and arches above the doors and the typical pattern of the carpet inspired by the ‚Mosaïque Casson‘.

The Henrietta Hotel, opened by the Experimental Group , offers a gorgeous mix of different shapes and forms, the rooms are divided into diverse color palettes of blues and grays, subtly reminiscing interiors from other eras like the Thirties and the 70s and reminds us how elegant and successful a mixture of contemporary design and traditional support can be.

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