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Hey Gudy! I’d like to know…Part IV

Hey Gudy-How To Navigate Trends-Eclectic Trends

This video series is coming to an end. But there is one last thing we’ve produced for you. Here goes the fourth and last part of this IGTV video series. You most likely have watched the three previous videos where I share a few concepts of what the future might bring. Now, how can you use the information?

The trend videos are jam-packed with trend concepts and observations of what the future might bring, but let’s be honest:

Are You Going To Use the Information In Any Way?

Here goes my experience: I’ve been training, teaching, lecturing in one way or the other for the past +20 years.
Watching and listening only, no matter how great the information is, is not making a difference.

We tend to forget rather quickly. Accumulating video minutes is not doing the trick.  The only difference comes when you stimulate your left and right brain and get into action.

This is why you can access today to the tool I’ve created for you during the past week to get the most of the video content.

You can 

✔️scan your business

✔️analyze what trend concepts are relevant for you

✔️find out how to translate these

Imagine an easy-to-use tool that anchors the learnings, activates that transformation muscle (inactive lately?), and allows for discussion and change within your team.”
Gudy Herder


Please come over to IGTV, this is the shortest video of all and learn how to access the 17 pages workbook we’ve prepared.



Hey Gudy-How To Navigate Trends-Eclectic Trends


I recommend you download the workbook (English + Castellano version); start writing down how trend-oriented your business is today because this is how you anchor the learnings.

Please access all four videos and the worksheets right here for further instructions.


Workbooks-Trend Concepts-Eclectic Trends


How about some extra inspiration?

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