Hey Gudy! I’d like to know…- How To Navigate Trends In Uncertain Times, I

How To Navigate Trends In Uncertain Times By Gudy Herder

Hey Gudy! I’d like to know – How To Navigate In Uncertain Times is a new mini-series on IGTV.

This idea came up when a friend asked me the other day: Why do we never see you speak online? Which made me think. The reason is that a huge part of my work is in front of audiences, so I felt like that area was covered. Now that speaking engagements this year are on hold, and since we all figure out how to adapt our operating models, I thought why no transmitting trend concepts with several IGTV videos.


We assume that Coronavirus leads to a significant evolution in consumer beliefs, actions, and trends. In this first chapter, I’ll explain


1// What do we know, and do we not know?

2// How can we navigate trends, have access to numbers and get to conclusions?

3// Are there new trends on the horizon, and what means ‘trend acceleration’?

The last time for me on a stage giving a trend lecture was in February sharing that trends had become slower bc we couldn’t cope anymore with the speed of consumption that was expected from us.


Now, we live in a different scenario. Specific trends are speeding up; they are accelerating because the core idea is more significant than ever.

Buzz words such as transparency, honesty, and purpose are not only boiling under the surface anymore, ready to come to emerge, and become mainstream, but they are right here to be implemented today. Their path has been accelerated.

Flexibility is another emerging driver. Not only that, we’ve to be more flexible, but so do services and product design to be able to adapt to rapidly changing lifestyles.

This is not a time where personalization of taste and style are taken into account, but personalization of NEEDS has become the emerging driver. The relevance is different, and brands should consider that change.”
Gudy Herder



You will also learn about 

– four reliable sources to access information that can give you solid information in a moment of overwhelming information

– new trend signals

– the new meaning of ‘flexibility’ 

– how personalization is gaining a different relevance now and why



I’ll be back with a new chapter on Tuesday (21.04.) at 3 pm, GMT+1. You can watch it on IGTV or come to the YouTube channel.

Please leave your trend-related questions below so I can address a few the next week. 


The following links are mentioned in the video below:

McKinsey: https://www.mckinsey.com  | businessoffashion.com  >> The_State_of_Fashion_2020_Coronavirus_Update.pdf   | Li Edelkoort’s podcast: https://buff.ly/34KsvJe.  |   Bill Gates on Ellen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oEcxMfwJnw  |  Forbes: https://buff.ly/2K9TTGU. |   Deepak and Oprah’s meditation series: https://www.chopracentermeditation.com



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