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Hey Gudy! I’d like to know – The Mini Trend Series on IGTV

How To Navigate Trends In Uncertain Times By Gudy Herder

Hey, Gudy, how come you’re never speaking online?Good question. Here’s the thing:

80% of my projects consist of speaking in front of audiences or a camera. That can be a trend lecture, a corporate trend workshop, a masterclass, or when filming an online course or trend videos for corporate clients. No wonder, when not working with clients, I like to stay behind the scenes. The other day a friend said that it was surprising to never see my face in a video on social media.

Which made me think.


Trend Videos Instagram Gudy Herder

I felt like an observer rather than a communicator for the past four weeks. There is a good reason for that. I don’t know you, but I’ve become very selective with what I listen to, read, and which book or report I buy.

In times of crisis management, we can observe much polarisation and fall for information that can be misleading in the hope of finding that magic formula to help in uncertain moments.”
Gudy Herder



The internet is packed with articles that talk about Post-COVID-19 consumer trends, and this week I decided that my ‘silent retreat’ is over. I’d like to share with you my (trend) impressions from a personal, professional, and hopefully distant perspective trusting that the more information you can access, the more tools you have to form your own opinion.

I guess that’s the moment when an online presence comes into play now. 😜


Please join me in on IGTV this Friday, at 3 pm. You will gain knowledge

1. on what we know; what we don’t know

2. why you need to check data before talking trends

3. about specific trends and their acceleration


The video is thought of as an intro of several chapters to come, but if there is a specific topic you’d like to hear about, please add your questions here.

All I ask is that your trend-related question is not too niche and may contribute to a larger audience and conversation.

I’ll see you this Friday at 17, 3 pm (GMT+1) from my home office on IGTV.

Please navigate during this mood swinging time as safely as you can. Un abrazo, Gudy


PD: The content of the videos is roughly scripted, but I’m more than happy and flexible to add any question/curiosity you have (it should add to the general conversation 😉). So, what’s on your mind?

How about some extra inspiration?


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