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High Street House is a joyful refuge in the heart of London


High Street House is a new co-living membership concept by Noiascape in London.

This space offers a range of private studios and apartments connected to a shared work lounge and kitchen – allowing members to live, work and socially interact from one location.

Shared spaces are flexible and fluid making them an ideal place to work during the day, attend an evening night school and experience temporary exhibitions at the weekend with emerging creatives.

High Street House brings the culture to your doorstep and encourages informal learning to be part of your everyday living experience while creating a place to support the emergence of a new culture.

Studios & Apartments

Each Noiascape apartment is spatially unique – some are double height, some top-lit and some connect to garden rooms.

Both studios and apartments are designed to be a vibrant, joyful and colourful refuge from the city. Encouraging retreat and reflection while the inner world of thought unfolds.

All apartments and studios include hand-made beds, designed by the Noiascape Studio.

The architects are constantly working with innovative British companies, creating unique furniture to make living experiences more enjoyable.

Another notable feature of High Street House is the beds. Post-pandemic the architects learnt that our beds are no longer merely a place for sleeping, and are now used for relaxing and working too. Hence the bed in each High Street House home is a multi-use platform, integrating surfaces and storage.

All apartments and studios have a range of smart technology integrated including electric underfloor heating activated by the location of your smartphone. Super-fast Wi-Fi is available throughout, making digital communication reliable and seamless.





Sharing Lives

Noiascape will curate a collage of events within the Shared Space focusing on the visual arts, fashion, and food. This space is designed to provide members with the opportunity to socialise with each other and interact with the local community. This space is called Noia Social – a place where members are introduced to new people, experiences and conversations.

The Lounge

The work lounge allows you to work from home, saving you on the usual time, money and energy used to commute. Equipped with super-fast Wi-Fi, you can connect globally from the comfort of your home.


The Kitchen

Noiascape will host regular supper clubs with some of London’s most talented young chefs. These evenings will allow members to socialise while supporting emerging talent. The Shared Kitchen is available for all members to use so that you can host your partner, friend or family for lunch or dinner.


The Stairs

Noiascape wanted to create as many opportunities as possible to build community, engagement and interaction which is why they cleverly integrated a communal library in the building’s staircase.


High Street House is a place to amplify the everyday rituals of interaction and we can see they have catered to every detail of this project to achieve this successfully.

Photography is by Nicholas Worley.

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