Home of Brazilian architect Osvaldo Tenório

Brazilian interior architect Osvaldo Tenório opened the doors showing his home based in a large stone box. Whenever you are interested in seeing different projects where the architect or interior designer is not afraid of going bold with unusual proportions, colors combinations and much self-confidence , I suggest you research on the Brazilian market.

Home of Osvaldo Tenorio- Eclectic Trends

The most renown interior designer is probably Guilherme Torres but I remember when visiting CasaCor a couple of years ago in Sao Paolo being surprised by so much talent relatively unknown still in Europe.

Home of Osvaldo Tenorio- Eclectic Trends

Home of Osvaldo Tenorio- Eclectic Trends

Home of Osvaldo Tenorio- Eclectic Trends

Home of Osvaldo Tenorio- Eclectic Trends

Home of Osvaldo Tenorio- Eclectic Trends

So this is one of the projects to be filed under ‘interesting and inspiring to see… but would not live like this’ which is always an interesting study for me. Do you ever play on making an selection on the images what you would like to have and integrate in your home? My choice is the stone slab on the first image with all the plants on it. What’s yours?

Wishing everybody a happy weekend! G, x

More images via Vogue

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  1. Looking at the photos I may assume that the owner of this house is a man. It is simple yet strong and symbolizes power above everything. I’m glad that I came across to this article it is a great inspiration for aspiring architects like me.

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