Because so many people worldwide live in a state of uncertainty,

at least partly due to the effects of the pandemic, social unrest, and climate change, we search for protective mechanisms and environments in our dwellings and wherever we go and stay.

The new home requires a different take on flexibility, technology, and spatial planning, where people-planet design (a shift from human-centered design) plays a crucial role. Our life can only be better when we respect the planet’s life.

Public spaces need to offer design-led comfort and aesthetics to feel at home and take that secure feeling with us.


The four attributes that will guide us wherever we go and stay are Comfort, Privacy, Security, and Belonging.

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The Era Of Self​



Hybrid lifestyle

Photo by Established & Sons

Our dwelling is turning into a hybrid entity uniting private life and work (= HOFFICE) and has become a digital operation center many times.

The idea of coming home to disconnect after work is shifting. Resimercial Design identifies for uniting design that is suitable for residential and commercial areas according to technical aspects and resistant materiality.


Photo by Sancal

The preference of an open floor plan living, popular in recent years, closes again in need of privacy. Flexible room dividers and doors systems close spaces into individual shelters, no matter how small they are. Public design needs to step up, as well, and offer individual solutions on the go.

Humanizing public space

Humanizing Public Design-Foster&Partners Hospital in Cairo
Photo by Foster& Partners

Our home is our safe harbor, and we do not want to compromise on that feeling when stepping outdoors.

Public spaces such as hospitals, airports, education facilities, or convention centers will undergo a long-due makeover offering a homely and less anonymous layout.

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