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How the research of our new trend report changed us

How the research of our latest trend report has influenced us

Today we are thrilled to share the big news we have been working on for a long while. A new digital Trend Report is about to hit our digital library very soon.

The new study covers a holistic approach to the well-being of individuals, reflected in product design and unique services inside and outside our home. CEREMONY has been on our table now for almost one year occupying time inside and outside the office.

Have you ever wondered if the research of one singular topic or trend report can change you? 

We thought you might find it interesting to hear this answer from the team (Elena, left, Gudy, center, and Giulia, right) and how the process has been influencing ourselves. Here goes a casual conversation between us.

How the research of our latest trend report has influenced us


We have discussed many times in the past months that this is a favorite trend in our library. What do you ladies love about CEREMONY?


In my opinion, CEREMONY is fascinating from both a business and personal point of view.
It strikes right at my values system, and I am sure I am not alone in this. Let’s consider the fact that the majority of us expect brands not just to sell us a product or a lifestyle but to improve our quality of life.

To me, this means a considerable change in the way I interact with brands and what I ask of them.
Like many other people around me, I feel I have taken a shift towards an increasing mindful state of mind. I cannot help but considering this a massive change in my relation to the world. Also, when researching, I had the chance to consider what self-care meant for me and my well-being: was it a priority at all? How was I taking care of myself to grant a balanced state of mind?

And I believe these are questions we all might ask ourselves.


The European Spa economy increased by up to 9.8% in the years between 2015-2017. Over the same period, the body&mind sector and workspace wellness have also grown, each of it 4.8%. These two sectors combined have the same growth as the Spa alone! 

To me, this is a clear signal that we understand well-being as something that goes beyond the purely physical world. 

It is a holistic approach that connects the body and mind embracing every aspect of our life: workplace, home, travel, relationships. 

CEREMONY has shown me that we are what we do. 

This trend report made me understand that we connect to our surroundings with every fiber of our body, mind, and soul. Personally, it made me more aware of my daily routines and how I tune my body, mind, and soul one to the other and to live more in the present.

I am positive this trend, inside and outside our homes, and more than others speaks to everyone. 


I had the chance to present CEREMONy already on two occasions on a stage during a Trend Lecture. The reaction was interesting. People from different backgrounds would come up afterward and share how they’d identify with the core message. It’s moving to see that response. I firmly believe we all want to have more balance in our lives, be it in the interior design field or elsewhere.

How the research of our latest trend report has influenced us


Having seen more than 1000 projects during the selection process, is there anything particular that stood out for you, you would or already have tried yourself? 


Oh, Gudy, this is a difficult question. If I could, I would love to experience them all. But if I had to choose only one, it would be the head-band created by Philips to help you to improve the quality of your sleep. 

Nowadays, due to several facts such as noise caused by traffic, city lights and working rhythm, we don’t always sleep well enough to feel rested. 


I hear you! Barcelona has changed a lot in that sense.


This device helps you to enhance the REM phase, which is the phase that brings on the real rest.

I’d love to imagine that this device improves the quality of my sleep. It would bring incredible quality in my routine and benefits for both body and mind. 


Many, indeed! I have personally tried some of the sleep-related projects, like the heavy-weighted blanket and found it genuinely restorative. 

After having my daughter, I suffered from sleep cycle disruption, something all new parents go through. So when reading about the benefits of using a weighted blanket, I couldn’t resist to try it out.

I was amazed by the positive effects it had on my sleep cycle. It was like crawling under those heavy blankets at my grandmother’s! 

Also, a 12-movements facial massage offered by a brand (Wild Grace) is now part of my morning ritual. It was some months into the CEREMONY research that I started to transform and enrich what was a simple daily routine into a real ritual. 

While still in bed, I begin with breath-works. A 15-minutes meditation session follows and, after, it is the “coffee + journaling” moment that helps me to set the intention for the day.

I am closing it with the facial massage.

I believe CEREMONY above all influenced my vision of my daily life and pushed me to integrate even more meaning into it.



What aspects of CEREMONY have influenced you two the most?


Well, you know, I wrote a long newsletter last week about the one decision that was highly influenced by CEREMONY. I took a three weeks pause this summer and did not shorten the stay, though I was often very tempted.

I can clearly say this is thanks to the monthly investigation for the trend report and the changes that came with it. 

When you regularly read about how stressed we are, the effects stress has on our society, and what we could do better, you finally surrender to the obvious. 

Three weeks of vacation was a mindset shift for me.

Body, mind, and soul get alined when you focus on doing nothing, be in the moment, and it feels so good.

Other than that, I recently have adopted a new nostril breathing technique in my daily routine, which is called Nadi Shodhana. It helps me on many levels such as stopping, being in the moment, calming the nervous system, clearing toxins, the official list is long. I practice it 2-3 times per day.


I always thought that sleep deprivation was a problem in Western societies. I found out that there is a correlation between poverty and sleeping problems, and that this is an increasing plague also in developing countries. This made me reflect on how privileged I was, as improving my sleep- something so beneficial for my overall health- was something within my possibilities.
I started to track my sleeping patterns using a tracking device that has helped me to establish a routine.
It also enables you to get enough hours of sleep, and now I understand the quality of my sleep through proper analysis.

I can see the benefits, more concentration through the day, less pain in my body, more energy, and last but not least (for others and myself) a better mood!


I remember very well how much effect REGENERATION already had on us and myself, gaining much more consciousness on sustainability. But I have to say CEREMONY is installed in my every day now on a different level.


I can relate to what you are saying. CEREMONY has kicked me to enrich my daily life by introducing new rituals, resulting in a much deeper and meaningful life.

In case you’re interested, here go the links to the sources we mention during our conversation:

Head-band created by Philips | Weighted Blanket | Wild Grace | Nadi Shodhana | Sleep tracking device via Fit Bit

CEREMONY will be on pre-sale as per October, 02. If you’d like to be notified and read more about our latest report, please let us now >>HERE<<.


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