How To Create 3-Dimensional Mood Boards

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Bree Leech has been featured several times over here, we love her work, and so do our readers! On this occasion, we are showing you how to create 3-dimensional mood boards and share her recent research.

When contributing to Dulux Australia’s  Color Trends 2020, Bree took over the art direction, including four color and material moods we’d love to share today. We’re happy to share a little questionnaire we sent here over:

How-To-Create-3 -Dimensional-Mood -Boards-By-Bree-Leech-Comeback-Eclectic-Trends

1// What was the purpose of these moods? Are they a starting point? Can you describe your creative process?

These moods were created to represent finishes and color directions for the Dulux Australia Colour Forecast 2020 – expanding beyond paint color and showing how materials could be used together to communicate the trends.

The color palette is always our starting point with this project, and we build common material finishes into the story, such as flooring and laminate. This is to show designers how available finishes can be used together with the trend paint colors to create a cohesive mood. Key finishes and materials we have identified for this trend are sourced, and the process of putting them together on the boards is an organic one – I build them until I am happy with the composition.

How-To-Create-3 -Dimensional-Mood -Boards-By-Bree -Leech-Cultivate-Eclectic-Trends


2// How did you translate the core messages of each color trend into your moods?

Colour speaks strongly in each trend, but the materials are representative too – from more organic natural forms in the trend Grounded as opposed to the more graphic lines and shapes in the trend Comeback.

We also used lighting to communicate the mood – softer light for the organic warm palette, moody light for the more decadent trend and harder light for trends that are more graphic.

Shapes and lines are just as important to tell the story, this can be done with items such as cabinetry hardware or simply the shape you choose for a material sample.”

- Bree Leech

How-To-Create-3 -Dimensional-Mood-Boards-By-Bree -Leech-Indulge-Eclectic-Trends

3// What comes first? The mood? Or the trend?

In this case, what you see here is based on the trend, but in the beginnings of the forecast, we gather color and material to create a mood that then evolves to a more refined trend.

Mood boards serve as a tool when forecasting to bring color and material together and define directions.

3 -Dimensional-Mood-Boards-By-Bree Leech-Grounded-Eclectic-Trends

Please see the Dulux Australia Color Trends 2020, if you’d like to connect the moods with the actual outcome of the research. And if color is your thing, you might want to see our latest free Color Inspiration ebooks here and here.

And if you are a color and mood board lover, let us surprise you with news by getting on our Mood Board Academy letter.


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