Online course on how to create a haptic mood board
to create
a HAPTIC mood
As A Business

Welcome to the most complete online course on the market that helps to set up a haptic mood board that looks compelling, transmits a clear message, and sells your project.

Are you looking for an e-course that shows you how to mood board with intention and strategy so you gain focus in any creative process and can offer a more memorable experience to your clients when presenting a project?

You know we are entering a decade where more empathic dialogues need to be created. A haptic mood board offers a different kind of discussion presenting a sensorial experience.

We all live in a moment of digital over-stimulation and need tools to get to conclusions and step into action.

You are already moodboarding, the technique is not new to you, but it comes from a perspective of intuition, and you would like to improve your skills with some more strategy.

You are looking for ways to stand out on a competitive market and go that extra mile your audience will acknowledge and appreciate.

A haptic mood board is an activator, communicator, and solution-driven business tool that helps you and your clients to pre-visualize creative processes.


This course does not show you only how to moodboard.

Instead, you will learn that a mood board is an efficient business tool through a methodology that has been practised by more than 2.000 students to date.



The Analysis

The failure-proof way to kick-start a mood board and gain clarity from the very first moment.

Most people start moodboarding right away without planning on the message they want to transmit.

Learn how to mind-map your project before you start with a hands-on mood board process.

The road map is the base of the entire course and will help you draw conclusions and guide the design of your haptic mood board. 



Ten Composition Techniques

That help you design a balanced, easy-to-create, and amazing looking haptic mood board.
Have you ever wondered what’s the secret to a great looking mood board? These ten techniques will help you to create an attractive storytelling and answer some of the following questions:


The Presentation

You have finished your mood board. It looks great, well-balanced, and you are ready to share your work. Now what?

Get your client’s attention in a matter of seconds when communicating your work and presenting a tactile mood board.

You will learn an easy-to-practice formula that prepares you for your presentation so you can step into your meeting with confidence when showing and explaining your mood board.

Who thought that presenting could be that smooth? Presenting has never been my strongest skill, but the guidelines are easy to follow instructions giving you all the clues.
Lucy Gallagher
Graphic Designer
This program is extraordinary! It helped me untie some of the knots that were blocking me, and I know now that the mood board technique opens up an infinite world of inspiring and communicative potential.
Clara Sullà
Textile Artist
Gudy has exceeded all my expectations for this course! Now we can understand the essence, meaning, and why of a mood board. Starting with a mind map had never made more sense than after this masterclass.
Carlos Gimeno
Soul Arquitectura Interior
Masterclass-@Mood Board Academy-online-course
Masterclass-@Mood Board Academy-online-course


CONTENT / Module 1


A short and heart-felt WELCOME and the why of this course.

A sum-up of the course content and how to use it

A mood board is useful and efficient for different reasons. Learn in this clip the two main ideas why we create mood boards.

See +10 arguments why we believe a tactile mood board to be more very powerful.

CONTENT / Module 2


The Analysis of the project that you’ll pass on your mood board is as crucial as the hands-on moodboarding part itself. It gives you perspective on how to translate your core messages into materials.

This clip describes one of the most powerful tools you can use before creating a mood board.

In this recorded session, you’ll see Gudy creating a mind map based on one of the trend reports published at Eclectic Trends.

You can download these worksheets and work on your mind map before you start the moodboarding process. They are the backbone of the entire course.

CONTENT / Module 4


Creating a haptic mood board and communicating your work is not the same process and requiere different skills. You will learn a simple and efficient formula to present your mood board.

You’ll see Gudy presenting applying  the formula of lesson 20.

These worksheets share the presentation formula for you to practice.

CONTENT / Module 5


How many different composition techniques can be shown on mood board?

CONTENT / Module 6


What you might now know about Gudy yet…

Gudy Herder Mood Board Academy


I am the founder of the trend agency Eclectic Trends.

Structuring concepts are the backbone of any trend research, and the most used tool to gain clarity on a trend story is a haptic mood board.

In 2015, I was invited to present mood boards at a trend agency in London. And though I had been moodboarding for two decades already, I wanted to improve my skills and find a more academic background for that presentation.

“This is the course
I was looking for in 2015.”

It was a surprise that there was anything on the market that suited my needs. Mood boards had helped me, the team, and clients to gain clarity for years, so I decided to share my knowledge and design the first 4-hours workshop program.

This program has evolved into a business program where students come from all corners of the world to spend one day in Barcelona.

How To Create A Mood Board As A Business Course That Helps To Sell is now a translation of the offline masterclass, and it comes with a few extra lessons.

Creative teams at IKEA, Grohe, Cosentino, and students at the European Design Institute have enjoyed the same program. Inditex, Mango, and Akzo Nobel are a few companies that send their teams to learn this technique, too. 

It’s been an unexpected creative ride and organic growth; thank you so much to everybody who has spend some tactile mood board moments with me!

My Experience

In A Few Numbers
Students in online and offline courses
countries we've sold online courses to
years of Moodboarding experience

This course is for you

> if you need a business tool that brings clarity during creative processes and you’d like to engage with your clients on a different sensorial level.

>if you are an interior designer, architect, entrepreneur, shop owner, blogger,stylist, photographer, wedding/event planner, project manager, artisan, or love any design discipline and work with creative processes.

This course is not for you

> if you plan on learning or improving your digital mood board skills; the program is entirely dedicated to haptic mood boards.

> if you expect feedback from your instructor
; we have an offline program that takes place twice a year in Barcelona where a small group of students come together to work with Gudy.

Here go a few more student remarks:


If you need further support, please get in touch with us at

Upon enrolling and paying, you get automated access.

How does a lifetime sound?  You can access any time by logging into our platform where the course is hosted (Teachable) and progress at your own pace. 

No, this is an individual program. I do work with a few students per year during the one-day off-line masterclass.

I am afraid, this is not not possible. Your enrollment gives you lifetime access but this is only you. The course is not meant to be as an educational content for other users. If you need access for more people, please contact.

Please read this sales page carefully, the course program is specific. If you have any doubt, contact previously before your purchase. This is a digital program, and once purchased, we do not refund.

Please consider the material we provide for your use only. We encourage you to create your own branded worksheets with a fresh spin according to your style.

The online course covers the program of the (offline) one-day masterclass and offers a few additional  features (composition techniques). It does not include the chance to work with Gudy one-on-one or receive feedback from fellow students.

Yes, you are able to download any written course materials. The video tutorials are not available to download, they are always available to watch on the course platform.

No, you don’t but it helps if you are familiar with the concept of what a mood board is. All we ask you is to have a project you can work with to practice the learnings. It doesn’t matter if it’s a real project you’re working on or not.

If you require a VAT receipt, please contact

Yes, there is a quite some difference.
The starter course covers first steps, it is a great basic course, all you need to consider is that it was produced in 2015. 
The How to Create A Mood Board As A Business Tool course is a direct translation of the one-day masterclass we celebrate in Barcelona twice a year. This program is complete and updated. You don’t need previous moodboarding skills.
If you however feel that a shorter first kick-off is all you need, then the starter course is fine.
Please consider that once this new program is released, the starter course will be taken down.
You still have access to the starter course if you already have purchased this product, it stays on the same platform. All you need to to do is access with your login credentials.



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