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In Your Presentations

Are you craving being back to onsite workshop experiences?

How about spending a screen-free day in Barcelona where you work on your individual business project and learn how to create powerful haptic presentations that will wow your clients?

Do you feel that PowerPoint or any other digital presentation becomes a barrier to good communication?

You most likely know we have entered a decade where more empathic dialogues need to be created. 

We live in a moment of digital over-stimulation and need fun tools that help us find clarity. But a focus app is not doing the trick.

You might have already created a few mood boards, the technique is not new to you. May be you work mostly with your intuition and would you like to improve your skills and work more strategically.

You are looking for ways to stand out on a speedy and  competitive market and go that extra mile your audience will acknowledge and appreciate.

A haptic mood or concept board is an activator, communicator, and solution-driven business tool that helps you and your clients to pre-visualize and discuss on-site creative processes.
Gudy Herder


This course is actually not about moodboarding only. But you'll learn how to analyze your visual presentation before you start. Most of the students say, that's their AHA moment."
Gudy Herder


The Analysis

The failure-proof way to kick-start a mood board and gain clarity from the very first moment.

Most people start moodboarding right away without planning on the message they want to transmit.

Learn how to mind-map your project before you start with a hands-on mood board process.

The road map is the base of the entire course and will help you draw conclusions and guide the design of your mood board. 



Five Composition Techniques

These techniques will help you design a well-structured and easy-to-create mood board. We will have a special emphasis on color, too.

Have you ever wondered what’s the secret to a great looking mood board?

We will cover five techniques will help you to create an attractive storytelling and answer some of the following questions:



The Presentation
You have finished your mood board. It looks great, well-balanced and you are ready to share your work. Now what?

Get your client’s attention in a matter of seconds when communicating your work and presenting a tactile mood board.

You will learn an easy-to-practice formula that prepares you for your presentation so you can step into your meeting with confidence when showing and explaining your mood board.

Kind Words From Students Who Have Joined The Masterclass

289€ + VAT
No new dates for now | 10 am - 6 pm

This course is for you if

if you’ve noticed that haptic experiences have become powerful and relevant in today’s digital-driven world (consider this technique a door-opener).

if you wish to create more direct interaction with your client and save them another powerpoint presentation.

 if you had enough digital input and need a real-life event spending one day with a group of creatives from different disciplines (who doesn’t???).

you look for a fun business tool that brings you clarity during any creative process in a moment of information overload.

This course is not for you

if you plan on learning or improving your digital mood board skills; the program is entirely dedicated to haptic mood boards. There will be no screen use during the day.

if you expect to solve fundamental business issues and do not have a project yet; we won’t be able to dive into your project with the time frame we’re having.

GUDY'S Experience

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“We need to communicate differently in 2022 and offer an alternative model in our client presentations because digital fatigue is a real thing!”

Gudy Herder is the founder of the trend agency Eclectic Trends.

Structuring concepts are the backbone of any trend research, and the most used tool to gain clarity on a trend story is a haptic mood board.

In 2015, Gudy was invited to present mood boards at a trend agency in London. And though she had been moodboarding for two decades already, she felt like she wanted to improve her skills and find a more academic background for that presentation.

It came as a surprise that there was anything on the market that suited her needs. Mood boards had helped her, the team, and clients to gain clarity for years, so she decided to share her knowledge and design the first 4-hours workshop program.

This program has evolved into a business program where students worldwide fly in to spend one day in Barcelona. Companies such as Inditex, Mango, or Akzo Nobel are a few brands that send their teams to learn this technique during the one-day masterclass.

Gudy also teaches tailored content to creative teams at IKEA, Grohe, Mango, or the European Design Institute, among others.

Why offering haptic mood boards to an audience?

Here go a few student remarks and why they believe 

How To Create A haptic Mood Board As A Business Tool


Coffee break
Light lunch
A workbook you'll receive to prepare the course
Individual guidance by Gudy during your creative processes

Does not include:

289€ + VAT
No new dates for now | 10 am - 6 pm


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Yes, I talk with every student during the day.

Please read this sales page carefully to consider if this course is for you or not. If you have any doubt, contact previously before your purchase.  We do not refund or offer voucher for other days.

The online course covers the program of the one-day masterclass and offers a few additional  features such as more composition techniques. It does not include the chance to work with Gudy one-on-one, do group exercises, or receive feedback from fellow students.

No, you don’t but it helps if you are familiar with the concept of what a mood board is. All we ask you is to have a project you can work with to practice the learnings. It doesn’t matter if it’s a real project you’re working on or not.

If you require a VAT receipt, please contact

The starter course on Domestika is an online course where you do not get one-to-one guidance from Gudy in real life and you won’t spend a day with other creatives in Barcelona. Also, the content is less strategic.