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Welcome to our community of folks who understand the value of working out ideas here in the analog world.

Nothing against the digital world (after all, we are talking to you from a  digital device right now), but there’s something magical about using your hands to work with materials and colors.

Please explore below our creative sessions and materials boxes.


Think Tank of Innovative Materials 2024

A new program

This one-day masterclass, set to take place in Barcelona (Spanish+English sessions), is designed for creatives eager to explore the latest color, material, and finish trends (CMF) in 2025 firsthand.

During the session, participants will engage in interactive discussions, hands-on exploration of materials, and collaborative brainstorming to generate innovative ideas for their application.

Welcome to a one-day Think Tank to reflect, discuss, play, and experiment.

Get a step closer to a conscious use of the newest materials available on the market.

Mood Board Boxes

SHOP: The Color & Samples Kits

Build up your materials library and explore our boxes full of inspiring and high-quality materials.

Masterclass (corporate sessions)

The One-Day Experience!

La Masterclass presencial para equipos creativos


Comunicar ideas o proyectos antes de que existan es fundamental para muchos equipos creativos, y el moodboarding estratégico es una herramienta muy efectiva para este propósito.

Los participantes pueden evaluar un mood, tono y estética de un proyecto con un programa de tres pasos que hemos diseñado.

The Masterclasss For Creative Teams

English Class Attendance

Communicating ideas or projects before they exist is crucial for creative teams, and strategic moodboarding is an effective tool for this purpose. 

Teams can assess the mood, tone, and aesthetic of the project to ensure alignment with the intended message or brand identity.

Mood Board Course on Domestika with Gudy Herder

Gudy Herder is the founder of the trend agency Eclectic Trends.

Structuring concepts are the backbone of any trend research, and the most used tool to gain clarity on a trend story is a haptic mood board.

In 2015, Gudy was invited to present mood boards at a trend agency in London. And though she had been moodboarding for two decades already, she felt like she wanted to improve her skills and find a more academic background for that presentation.

It came as a surprise that anything on the market suited her needs. Mood boards had helped her, the team, and clients to gain clarity for years, so she decided to share her knowledge and design the first 4-hours workshop program.

This program has evolved into a business program where students worldwide fly to spend one day in Barcelona. Companies such as Inditex, Mango, or Akzo Nobel are a few brands that send their teams to learn this technique during the one-day masterclass.

Gudy also teaches tailored workshops to creative teams at IKEA, Grohe, Cosentino, and the European Design Institute.

"It doesn't matter if you call it a mood board, trend panel, sample board, or concept board. The naming is not relevant. What truly matters is how effectively it sparks engagement and fosters dialogue as a haptic too.
And there is
a methodology behind it."

gudy herder


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