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How To Market A Carpet Collection And Nail Current Needs

This editorial is a master example of how to push the boundaries in surface design and how to market a carpet collection nailing current needs.

We share this project not because we’d like to give you an idea of a new wall-to-wall carpet or rug design. The whole point is how they market the collection with a visual and written message.

Object Carpet and Ippolito Fleitz Group have been working together for over three years. As a result, they produced a range of eight carpets allowing the user to devise their own tactile space with a wide array of possibilities.

Here is why we believe they nail their message adapting to needs (and Macro Trends):


Making design objects easy to use and adapt is one of the key drivers for urban nomads. Flexibility is a relevant part of the Macro Trend Urbanization. The collection can be combined freely in terms of colors, structures, materials, and product types. You can pick a wall-to-wall carpet or rugs and …



…and some of them also come as acoustic tiles with the innovative back construction WELLTEX®. Textile flooring is one way to design atmospheric spaces, zoning, and acoustically effective materials. Anything related to acoustic themes, can be classified as a part of the Macro Trend Health/Well-being.



Craving for structured surfaces, a widespread need, will stay inside our home for now and disappear in public spaces for obvious reasons. However, sensual perceptions go still strong and give us the COMFORT we increasingly look for. Our home is our safe harbor, and the increased digital connection asks to exercise sensorial fingertips exercises as a counterbalance (Health/Well-Being would be the assigned Macro Trend here).

Also, when developing the collection, the team got as tactile as they hope for the consumers.

Work on the new collection was done with our knees on the carpet and heads out in the world.”
Lars Engelke, CEO at Object Carpet



Ticking another box of values (and Macro Trends) that are getting stronger every year. We want to consume with more caution and consciousness of its impact and preferably choose materials we won’t feel guilty about afterward. Object Carpet’s carpets are free of pollutants and emissions and made of 100% recycled ECONYL® yarn.



Let’s talk about color now.

As a general observation (exceptions always included), there hasn’t been much color in 2020 collections in the interior design world when we talk product design. Yes, 3D visualizations have displayed much surrealism and dreamy wonderlands, but the product itself had a more cautious aesthetics most of the time. Seeing a full take on color as if we dived into a Pantone Color Webinar is very refreshing. Also, the Italian fashion vibe with models dressed in tone-on-tone combinations hits the nerve of those who look for non-commercial but rather risk-taking photography.

Working with many colors only made sense taking into consideration that you can choose between 111 colors. A wide offer of structures and surfacing applications comes as an extra bonus.

How to market a collection and nail it-Object Carpet-Eclectic Trends

How to market a collection and nail it-Object Carpet-Eclectic Trends

How to market a collection and nail it-Object Carpet-Eclectic Trends

How to market a collection and nail it-Object Carpet-Eclectic Trends



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