Hey Gudy! I’d like to know…How To Navigate Trends In Uncertain Times, Part III

VIDEO: How To Navigate Trends In Uncertain Times-Part III-Gudy Herder -Eclectic Trends

Today we have published a new and (almost) last part of this video series How To Navigate Trends In Uncertain Times, Part III.

I hope you had the chance to watch the first two videos, there is a logic on how the chapters are building up, you can find them on IGTV. ¬†Please watch this video today until the end because it comes with a surprise.ūüėČ


What’s happening inside our homes and how does the unexpected disruption affect or add to our way of living? Let’s take a closer look¬†thanks to the help of my closest community.

I sent a survey over to friends and family asking what has changed in their homes during these last weeks. They generously shared their experience.‚ÄĚ
Gudy Herder



Today’s content spins around the idea of how life in our homes has changed, and what consequences we’ll see as a result.¬†This video sheds light on the personal experiences of my community and what is going on in the¬†kitchen,¬†bedroom,¬†bathroom, and¬†living room.


VIDEO: How To Navigate Trends In Uncertain Times-Part III-Gudy Herder -Eclectic Trends

1// Why did the social core of our home turned into a lab space?

2// Will we use some areas the same way we used to do during the confinement?

3//Why do coffee table legs need to get higher?

4// What novelty did we see in our bathrooms?

5// Which are the three features many textiles need to include in the future?

6// Do we still have a sacred non-digital space in our homes?


Also, you’ll learn three new concepts again, and I‚Äôll finish with one term everyone is talking about now.

This is the last large video, but I’ll share with you next week a new tool we thought would be a perfect way of ending this series.


It will cover

‚úĒÔłŹHow you can anchor the knowledge of the three¬†videos

‚úĒÔłŹHow to implement the¬†learnings¬†in your own business


Imagine you have a life outside your home, which is professional, social, covers fundamental needs, cultural or educational purposes. Also you enjoy a more private live within your home. Now both journeys are entangled within your four walls and have become one. What are the consequences?‚ÄĚ
Gudy Herder



You can watch the previous two videos here and here.



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