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How to transform a Middle Age Monastery into a hotel

Chapels and monasteries are getting slowly repurposed into private residencies or hotels. I have seen mainly a shift towards new experiences between tradition and contemporary living in The Netherlands and now in France. Both are heavenly places to stay, why not give them a try?

Eclectic Trends-monastery renovation

Agence Jouin Manku were required to integrate 21st-century aesthetics and technologies without altering the original structure of the Saint- Lazare priory in Anjou, formerly the home of a community of nuns. With a simple palette of wood, metal and fabrics the duo created a serene atmosphere corresponding to its essence that complements and stays true to the history of the building.

Monastery renovation - Eclectic Trends

Monastery renovation - Eclectic Trends

Monastery renovation - Eclectic Trends

Monastery renovation - Eclectic Trends

I believe the chosen color palette is key too with muted tones, a twist of blush and enough gray and black to make it serene and respectful. 54 rooms and a new reason to explore France a bit more (these could be convincing arguments:). I wouldn’t mind to get pampered here for a few overnights. G, x

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