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Hybrid living: A room within a room

We see our home as our temple of comfort and safe harbor. But also, our dwelling has turned into a hybrid living space blending personal life and work.

The idea of coming home to disconnect after work is shifting. 

Consequently, the idea of an open floor plan living, popular in recent years, closes again in need of privacy.

The idea of a room within a room responds to the need for shelter and finding a barrier but bridge at the same time between work and private life.

The Bouroullec brothers have teamed again with Established and Sons to design the GRID System provides a base for modular seating, shelves, tables, and screens, which can be integrated into different ways to create a playful and multifunctional environment for informal meetings, presentations, or simply hanging out.

In 2019, when lecturing on trends, the most used word on a stage in my vocabulary was Flexibility. That idea had only accelerated in 2020.

The product family is a thoughtful response to unprecedented changes in how we live and work and another example for one of the 2020 trend terms.

Resimercial Design identifies for uniting design that is suitable for residential and commercial areas according to technical aspects and resistant materiality. The modular system is based on a powder-coated steel frame and is designed to offer total flexibility of use as the lines between home, leisure, and the workplace have become increasingly fluid and blurred.

We are very interested in elements that lie somewhere between furniture and architecture. They have a role inside the space beyond being just a seating element; they create some separation; they help divide and organize. If you have one tree in the middle of an empty field, people will head for the tree; it helps your body feel a little more at ease and more secure. The GRID is part of this research – it helps you make a decision, even if you don’t need to use it.”
Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec



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