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New working space!


So, yes, I have a new workshop in a ceramic school where they rent spaces out. It’s all light filled and in an area of Barcelona I don’t use to visit. Which is good in a way. There is still so much to discover. It takes me less than half an hour and that was exactly the main objective! Plus, working within a community of ceramic artists from different places (I’ve counted 7 nationalities today) is very gratifying too.

I’ve decided to start with no pressure. My little collection will see the light at its time.

Happy! Very happy!

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Als ich in Seattle gelebt habe, hab ich auch ceramics Kurse gehabt… Das war so toll! Leider konnte ich nicht all meine Werke mit nach Deutschland nehmen, vielleicht fang ich ja auch wieder an, das sieht sehr inspirierend aus!

    1. Wenn du gern mit Händen arbeitest und kreierst und dich nicht stört, dass sie komplett austrocknen dabei :-), dann ist das ideal!

  2. This looks and sounds wonderful Gudy! I’m looking forward to see what wonderful creations you’re going to reveal. There’s no doubt that it’ll be beautiful and eclectic :-) Great with an international and a creative work space, sounds like just the right place for your ingenious creativity:-)

  3. I’m very happy for you – it sounds so nice to have a place where you can concentrate on your work and be around like minded people at the same time. We’ll be happy to see your creations – and it’s great that you take your time. I guess you have to try out many different things until you have a collection that you feel comfortable enough with to show (and sell) to the public.

  4. Gudy I’m so very happy for you and glad that you’ve taken a big step towards your love (even without the pressure). I really like the few things that I’ve seen to date and really can’t wait until you launch your first collection! You’re one talented girl Gudy! Mel x

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