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IKEA Japan launches a 10 pieces clothing and merchandising line

IKEA Japan launches 10 pieces clothing and merchandising line-Eclectic Trends

After the famous incursion of the blue Balenciaga bag (2.000 USD) based on Ikeas’s FRAKTA plastic shopper (0,99 USD), it was just a question of time; the Swedish home-furnishing giant would react. IKEA Japan launches 10 pieces of clothing and merchandising line

The first-ever clothing and merchandising collection, which applies the official IKEA logo as its primary design, uses the same philosophy of home-furnishing, with simple, everyday takes on clothes and accessories. The barcode motif gives the nod to the best-selling product we all know and have had in our homes at one point, the BILLY bookcase. This line includes t-shirts, hoodies, all made of 100 percent sustainably-sourced cotton, two water bottles, an umbrella, two towels, and a tote bag and is set to be expanded further in the future.

‘EFTERTRÄDA’ is Swedish for ‘successor’. Could our clothing and accessories line succeed in our home furnishing solutions?”



Although developed in close collaboration with IKEA of Sweden, Eferträda is exclusively available in Japan and inspired by, and made for, the people of Tokyo who collaborated for the lookbook showcasing the line inside their own homes.


IKEA Japan launches 10 pieces clothing and merchandising line-Eclectic Trends




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