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IKEA: Recycled Denim Cover Give Klippan Sofa New Life

We are happy to see that IKEA continues to inspire and to present innovative projects reducing waste. On this occasion, IKEA and MUD Jeans, a Dutch denim company, have teamed up to give recycled denim a new life by using it to develop KLIPPAN sofa covers sold in 9 European markets.

In Europe, approximately 500 million pairs of jeans are sold every year. On average, each European has 7 pairs of jeans, and 2 out of them are never worn. After use, most of the jeans end up in landfills or are incinerated. Less than 1% of them are used as material for new garments.”



Recycled Denim Cover Give Klippan Sofa New Life

IKEA: Recycled Denim Cover Give Klippan Sofa New Life

IKEA: Recycled Denim Cover Give Klippan Sofa New Life

IKEA: Recycled Denim Cover Give Klippan Sofa New Life


According to Piotr Jakubiak, Deployment Leader at New Business and Innovation Deployment, IKEA of Sweden, the KLIPPAN Sofa is an iconic IKEA product. By offering new sofa covers made from recycled materials, they can help customers renew their sofa and reuse materials.  This simple action will give new life to the sofas and worn jeans.

Each new KLIPPAN sofa cover contains 40% of post-consumer recycled denim, equivalent to two pairs of old jeans. Compared to the industry standard denim method, each cover made with this post-consumer denim saves 27,000 liters of water and reduces the carbon footprint by 67%.

IKEA wants to grow within the boundaries of the planet. We believe all materials are valuable and should not be wasted. By joining forces with MUD Jeans, we can work together to secure new sources of recycled materials and develop products using post-consumer materials such as recycled jeans. By working together, we are exploring ways to minimize waste and reduce our impact on the planets.”
Malin Nordin, Head of Circular Development, Inter IKEA Group



MUD Jeans is a denim brand based in the Netherland and a pioneer in circular textiles with a proven and certified positive impact. IKEA and MUD Jeans want to accelerate the change of adopting circular business models by working together. More products made by post-consumer recycled denim are in the development process and will meet customers soon.

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