Imm Cologne 2013: Please meet Danish brand Gubi

Soy fan de Gubi. Y mucho. No importa si hablamos del espejo de cuero de Adnet (foto 4), las lámparas de Grossman (foto 2) o la silla Gubi (foto 3). Me gusta todo. Y ahora ya sé porque me llama tanto la atención esta firma. Al hablar con Jacob Gubi en su estand en la feria, lo descubrí. Ante todo, me gustan las historias detrás de las piezas o diseños. Es lo que más me cautiva. Veamos. Las lámparas de la segunda imagen son de Greta Grossman. Ella fue la primera mujer que graduó en arquitectura en Estocolmo, Suecia en los años 20. Se trasladó después a California y trabajó en varios proyectos con Charles Eames. Sus diseños de lámpara de 1947 se dejaron de producir en 1962 hasta que Gubi la descubrió de nuevo. Hoy en día se ha añadido algún color pero el diseño y los materiales permanecen sin cambiar. Sus muebles o casas particulares se hicieron de forma tan personalizada y en cantidades tan pequeñas que resulta extraordinariamente difícil de encontrar hoy alguna pieza original de ella.

I am a big Gubi fan! Be it the Adnet strap leather mirror, the Grossman lamps or the Gubi chair. I have a crush on all those pieces! And I have discovered why when chatting with Jacob Gubi at their stand in Cologne. I always like a good story, that’s probably what captivates me most. You see the lamps of the second image? These are from Greta Grossman. She was the first woman to graduate in architecture in Stockholm, Sweden in the twenties! She moved then to California and worked together with Charles Eames in several projects. Her lamp designs from 1947 were out of production since 1962 until Gubi was discovering her again. Today they have changed a few colors but the design, shape and material remain exactly the same. Her furniture and houese she designed were often custom-built and produced in very small number so it is extremely difficult nowadays to find original pieces.

The Bestlite Collection designed by Robert Dudley Best in 1930

The Grossman Collection designed by Greta Grossmann in 1947

The Gubi Chair Collection designed by Komplot Design in 2003

The Adnet Collection designed by Jacques Adnet in 1946

NEW: The Adnet Collection designed by Jacques Adnet in 1946 with studs

The Masculo Chair collection designed by GamFratesi in 2008

The Pedrera Collection designed by Barba Corsini & Joaquim Ruiz Millet in 1953

The Grand Piano Lounge designed by Gubi Olsen, founder at Gubi in 1986

And here goes a short video I have taken at the stand to show you how it looks like at the Imm Cologne. Hope you enjoy it!

He aquí un pequeño video que grabé en el estand para compartir y así podéis echar un vistazo a la feria de Colonia.

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Hi Gudy, ooooh I love a good story too and that Greta Grossmann worked with Eames is pretty cool. Good on Gubi for remanufacturing her designs, they are gorgeous! Mel x

    1. Hi Mel, many of the designs they offer now are re-editions and there lots of interesting stories behind. Incredible that are so many designs from the forties and fifties are still so updated!

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