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IMM Color Trend Post 2014 on decor8

Good morning! I hope you had a lovely weekend! I am still in Germany and will share today with you the color trends I saw at the IMM show in Cologne here some days ago. There will be a different trend post with micro trends still to come in an Australian Magazine (I’ll keep you posted).

IMM Color Trend Report 2014

But for today, I’d like to talk colors again on decor8. The news is there is not one specific color to go. It is not THE red or THE blue or just pastels, but different shades used in a different way. But have a look yourself, and let me know what you think.

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How about some extra inspiration?

8 Responses

  1. Thanks for the comment, Mel! There is a pretty interesting conversation going on on decor8 at the comment section. Very happy! xx

  2. Oh, the trend tyranny (as Gerard of Walnutgrey would say)… always enjoy your reports as you have a great eye but I do not do Trend talks:-))
    Hope you’re not too cold in Germany and that you get to go back to Barcelona soon. x

  3. Gudy, I really enjoyed this report. It’s such a different take from the norm to use Colour as the setting. The colour discussion over on Decor8 was so interesting. I tend to just go for what I like which are deeper more intense colours but who’s to say that I’m not being influenced by the geographic location of where I live right? xD

    1. Hi Jacob, I have been writing about copper for many many month already (starting 1,5 yrs ago) and are a bit tired of it, honestly, still a great trend,no doubt, I’ve just covered it many times already. The good thing is, copper has gotten finally to the final customer and there seems to be an interesting market now. I am not visiting any shows now until the Salone. Have a good day!

      1. Hi Gudy… Then you have seen the copper trend a lot faster then me. I started on Pinterest last summer and that was when I got a feeling about the copper… Some people in DK think yellow trend – What do you think about it ?

        1. Well, yellow has been an ongoing issue for the past 2-3 years having almost disappeared last year on the several shows, and it got much darker from edition to edition. But I have noticed too a true revival in Cologne. Nevertheless, at the M&O in 09/2013 there was no yellow furniture or accessories. So, yes, it seems to be a geographic trend.

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