3 Lifestyle Trends 2018/19  


A new ethos is emerging in which we enrich our live through experience. Making time for enjoying the present and for self-discovery, we seek to define our lives with less property, and simple designed products and services.

Across art, design and music the belief is growing that CULTURE can be a stronger unifier than the country and its politics. Knomads become cultural ambassadors taking knowledge and creativity wherever they go, eager to change society.



In our increasing quest to create a state of happy balance, we are spending more on less, and with an increasing focus on what makes us feel good.

Brands that prioritise and communicate accordingly on responsable and conscious consumption will attract new mindful consumers, more likely to repeat. 

The future spins around design and innovation with purpose, products and services that embrace and  cherish quality and longevity.

This trend talks about pushing pleasure and self-love to the absolute max. This end consumer demands products that flatter their personality. 

They are self-confident, know how to mix and match and don’t care about what others might say and favour aesthetic codes including a seductive color palette.

Sacra Luna

Studio Makkinik Bey

Pratik Gosh

3 Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends 2018/19  


17.01.2018 | 4.15pm  


imm Cologne

Hall 3.1.

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