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In One Word: Milan Design Week 2024


After browsing through hundreds of images and videos, sharing our Top 4 installations, and our color highlight, this is our recap In One Word of the Milan Design Week if we had to sum it up in one word.
What would you add?




Credits from TL to BR: Misura Emma | Ton | Drag&Aurel | GallottiRadice



Credits from TL to BR: Kickie Chudikova | Desalto table | Filippo Andrighetto



Credits from TL to BR: Shell Homage | Arper | Moroso


Think Tank of Innovative Materials

New Masterclass

Think Tank of Color + Materials Trends for 2025


This one-day masterclass, set to take place in Barcelona, is designed for creatives eager to explore the latest material trends firsthand. During the session, participants will engage in interactive discussions, hands-on exploration of 200+ materials, and collaborative brainstorming to generate innovative ideas for their application.

Everybody gets to take home a box full of materials.

How about some extra inspiration?


Best of Design Miami 2023

In recent weeks, Miami has become the epicenter for the art and design community, hosting a dynamic six-day showcase of design unveilings and temporary installations

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