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Innovative Materials: Cocoboard by NaturLoop the new Biomaterial to specify right now!

Eclectic Trends Cocoboard NaturLoop

NaturLoop, a Swiss company, introduces there first innovation, Cocoboard® Cocoboard is made from coconut husk fibres and tannin extract and is suitable for:

Interior Architecture; partition walls, ceiling and wall panels, flooring

furniture; cabinetry, tabletops, doors, shelving and trims.

Eclectic Trends Cocoboard NaturLoop

Product Performance

  • Highly resistant to wood decay insects (e.g., termites) without application of toxic preservatives
    Highly resistant to moisture



  • Bio-based
  • Upcycling of agricultural by-products, in replacement of virgin wood

    Eclectic Trends coco board Naturloop

The Social Impact

By working directly with a local supply chain team in the Philippines, NaturLoop ensures the integration of local farming communities in the value chain by involving them in the collection and transportation of the husks, boosting farmers’ income streams through their integration in the supply chain process improving their welfare and livelihood.

Aside from its social impact, the product proves to be sustainable through the upcycling of husks and utilisation of resources that are readily available.

The use of natural adhesives ensures a low environmental footprint and non-toxic emissions.

Naturloop coco board

Eclectic Trends Naturloop coco board

Taking action

80% of the World’s tropical forests have been destroyed!

The continuous destruction of tropical forests not only escalated climate change and biodiversity loss, but the limited availability of timber increased the prices of raw material amidst its growing demand.

On the other hand, there are 21M tonnes of unutilized coconut husks globally.

Cocoboard is the first 100% bio-based board with mechanical properties superior to industrial medium density fiberboards, the panels are also fully biodegradable, termite and moisture resistant.

The appearance of the coconut fibres gives Cocoboard a distinct aesthetic. The panels are available in different thicknesses (6-30mm), and various finishes (raw, lacquered, and oiled)

As a pioneer manufacturer of natural biocomposites, NaturLoop aims to meet the demand of the furniture and construction industry for sustainable materials. 

“Sustainability means taking account of the interdependency of nature and humans. At NaturLoop we see a future where both are in harmony.”

Daniel Dinizo CEO & CO-Founder Naturloop


Watch this enchanting video to learn more about Cocoboard here

Eclectic Trends coco board Naturloop


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