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Innovative Materials: The Good Plastic Company bids farewell to bad plastic!


The Good Plastic Company is a mission-driven company determined to provide a solution to the 400 million tons of plastic waste generated annually. They believe there are better ways to deal with plastic waste by converting it into a valuable product – Good Plastic.

The Good Plastic Company


The Mission

As an international manufacturer of surface materials, The Good Plastic Company are on a mission to help brands make a visible commitment to sustainability

“We focus on large-scale environmental impact by filling the gap between recycling and business”

The Good Plastic Company

They believe that by generating demand for products made from recycled plastic they can keep this valuable material from ending up in landfill, the oceans, or incinerators.

The Good Plastic Company demonstrates to companies that they can make beautiful and functional new goods from locally produced waste and make a visible commitment to the circular economy.


What is Polygood?

Polygood is a surface material made from 100% recycled plastic by The Good Plastic Company. The panels are produced from a wide range of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste sources, from refrigerators to single-use cutlery, electronics to industrial consumables, and even keyboards and computer mice!


What is the manufacturing process?

The Good Plastic Company have developed and is patenting equipment to recycle plastic from different waste streams.

This allows the team to collect a wide variety of data parameters during processing, including temperature and melting points, pressure, time, and melt flow index.

The proprietary technology enables their team to make recycled panels of the highest quality, which is supported by laboratory test results and certification to international standards.

Their two current factories in the Netherlands and Ukraine are able to produce more than 1,000 tonnes of recycled plastic panels per year, meeting industrial-scale demand.


What can Polygood be transformed into?

The plastic panels made of Polygood can be used to create modern-looking and environmentally-conscious furniture and interior or exterior design elements.

Wall panels and shelving, retail counters and displays, signage and storage: each store, hotel reception, or office space can give new life to up to 5-10 tonnes of recycled plastic – the perfect combination of style and sustainability!

The sustainable advantages of this material are equalled by its distinctive aesthetics. Each pattern has its own unique back story.

The Polygood range comprises three collections: Classic, Basics, and Premium. Each collection is filled with eye-catching patterns and colors.

With a sincere and innovative story, we invite you to join us and say hello to Good Plastic.

The Good Plastic Company

The Good Plastic Company

The Good Plastic Company

The Good Plastic Company

The Good Plastic Compan

Images courtesy of The Good Plastic Company


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