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Innovative Materials: Ottan Studio gives agricultural waste a second life


We start the blog post today with a startling fact from Ottan Studio…


“Every minute, 40 football fields of forest land are being destroyed and experts assume that if we don’t change our consumption habits all the forests in the world can be wiped out in 100 years.”

Source: Ottan Studio


Introducing Ottan Studio, the studio is an impact startup focused on up-cycling green waste into high-quality materials to be used in interior design and industrial design and they are determined to change our perception of using sustainable materials.


Ottan Studio sees the beauty in the pieces of nature people call waste. From seed to tree, from tree to life the studio’s aim is to show that we can create anything from nature without consuming it. 

So that is where you will find the team behind Ottan Studio, designing and producing colourful, beautiful and sustainable furniture, objects, lighting, and decorative/structural panels without cutting a single tree!


Contrary to popular belief, wood is not as sustainable as we tend to think it is. It’s important that we look to alternatives and address our consumption habits to make a positive change for our environment.


“No need to cut trees!

We use peels and leaves.”



Let’s take a look at the innovative 3-step process behind creating these beautifully sustainable pieces.


Step 1

The team collect food waste such as fruit peels, expired grains, vegetable residues and garden waste such as tree leaves or grass from local retailer companies, producers, municipalities and greenhouses.

Step 2

After the team gather the natural waste, they prepare the waste by cleaning, drying and grinding it to create a blend of their natural raw materials and then mix them with green resins before injecting the material into moulds.

Step 3

Once injected into the moulds the material is then ready to be shaped into minimal yet multi-purpose products such as homeware items, tables and candle holders, to material applications such as panels for walls, kitchen surface applications and even automotive interiors.


Since Ottan materials naturally contain the colours and textures of the materials from which they are made, they don’t need artificial colourant. By using long-lasting and durable Ottan Materials in future designs instead of wood, stone and marble, we can aim to consume less and protect our natural resources.

For more information and for a full-colour range we recommend you visit Ottan Studio’s website here




800 million tons of garden waste is generated in cities annually.


So, rather than damaging and destroying our one and only nature, why not up-cycling our natural resources?



All images are courtesy of Ottan Studio.

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