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Innovative Materials: PEELSPHERE® from nature for life!




The creator behind PEELSPHERE® Youyang Song has brought to life a truly circular material made from fruit waste and algae through advanced material engineering.

The team are working together to redefine fruit waste, reduce carbon footprint and design for the future of circularity. As an ideal alternative to leather and synthetic leather, this material is beautiful, durable, versatile and biodegradable.




We believe that sustainable material development must be accompanied by outstanding performance, aesthetics and versatility that enables timeless design.



Future of biomaterial

PEELSPHERE® is a bio-innovated material born at the intersectionality of design, material science and sustainability, with a mission to inspire a sustainable, healthy and balanced lifestyle through its quality and beauty.



They are a material innovation company founded by a team of talented designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs passionate about the sustainability and future of our planet. The creative team come together to solve the material waste problem by engineering the future generation of biomaterials.

Through advanced material engineering, the team incorporate aesthetics and design principles to challenge the status quo of sustainability.


The Process


The fruit wastes are mixed and ground into fine pieces


They are further blended with bio-binder into a mixture


The mixture then forms sheets of materials


The material then made into a great range of products


With recycling, redesign and remanufacturing, the material enters a closed-looped system, extending its lifespan and realising its full potential.




PEELSPHERE® is available in a range of colours and patterns and the company only use natural or Oeko-Tex-certified dyes.

Laser-cut and printing make this material unique and beautiful. This innovative material can also be embroidered, woven, sewn and even buttons can be made!



“We have planned a full life cycle assessment (LCA) for PEELSPHERE®. With the closed-looped ecosystem, our goal is to minimize carbon footprint and set new standards to reach the next level of sustainability and circular design.”









Images courtesy of Youyang song

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