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Innovative Materials: Repurposed shellfish waste by Malàkio

In the pursuit of sustainable practices, French company Malàkio has unveiled an extraordinary material known as the Istrenn composite.

Malàkio shell waste innovative material surface design samples eclectic trends


This innovative composite, developed by Malàkio, harnesses the power of recycled shellfish waste and natural mineral binders, offering a promising solution for eco-conscious designers, architects, and businesses.

With its unique composition and versatile applications, the Istrenn composite has the potential to revolutionise sustainable design.

Malàkio shell waste innovative material surface design eclectic trends


A Sustainable Marvel

The Istrenn composite is an eco-friendly material with an impressive composition of over 60% recycled shellfish waste, sourced from human consumption.

Malàkio’s dedication to sustainability shines through by utilising local raw materials and reducing reliance on petrochemicals. This cutting-edge composite offers an exciting alternative to traditional materials, such as plastics or concrete, which have a significant environmental impact.

Handcrafted Excellence

One of the distinctive features of the Istrenn composite is its low-tech, handcrafted production process.


Over 80% of the manufacturing process involves meticulous craftsmanship, eliminating the need for energy-intensive firing methods.


Through air drying, Malàkio creates unique or mass-produced objects with an incredibly low greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint. This commitment to sustainable practices ensures that every piece made with the Istrenn composite is both environmentally friendly and visually stunning. This remarkable material can be drilled, screwed, or cut, allowing for seamless integration into various design projects.

Customisable Visual Appeal

The visual aspect of creations can be personalised according to individual preferences. From selecting different types of shells to varying grinding dimensions, designers have the flexibility to curate the desired aesthetic. Additionally, the percentage of shells used can range from 60% to over 80%, enabling a spectrum of possibilities. By incorporating natural pigments and applying specific finishes like polishing or varnishing, each piece crafted from the Istrenn composite becomes a true work of art.

Empowering Sustainable Design

The Istrenn composite’s design is a game-changer, allowing Malàkio to create and manufacture pieces of varying sizes and shapes, from small lifestyle objects and tableware to larger furniture such as shop counters, table tops, shelves, and TV stands. This flexibility liberates designers from the constraints of expensive steel moulds, providing them with the opportunity to produce refined, custom-made creations in shorter timeframes.

Malàkio’s vision extends beyond their own success, aiming to support designers, architects, and large companies in their ecological transition and establishing themselves as a major player in sustainable design throughout Europe. By repurposing shellfish waste and embracing low-tech production methods, this French company has created a versatile material with boundless potential.

Malàkio shell waste innovative material surface design lamp eclectic trends

Malàkio shell waste innovative material surface design collection eclectic trends

Images courtesy of Malàkio 


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