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Innovative Materials: Introducing SCALITE®

Innovative Material made from fish scales waste

SCALITE® by Scale is the first material made exclusively from fish scales, an abundant and renewable by-product of the fishing industry and aquaculture.

SCALITE® is a 100% bio-sourced material, of course, the scales used in their creations are 100% natural and sustainably sourced.


“Every year in France, 40 billion tons of waste are generated by the construction sector. The toxicity of its constituents is a threat to both the environment and human health.”


The Commitment

SCALE wishes to bring value to an overlooked resource through the production of ocean-friendly materials.

At SCALE they believe there is great potential locked into wastes, especially sea waste!

Producing ocean-friendly materials is the greatest commitment towards the environment, they say.

For Scale, this means producing 100% recyclable materials – made from renewable sea resources – that are VOC and formaldehyde free and can get back to nature quickly and harmlessly.

Their beautiful stone-like material is supplied as panels and is suitable for use on wall coverings, interior cladding, furniture, and displays and can even be used for decorative home accessories.



The Process

SCALITE® uses a natural biopolymer contained within the scales.

During the manufacturing process, this biopolymer is extracted and mixed with the mineral part of the scales to create the basis of their material.

The outcome is a powder that can is compressed according to Scale’s proprietary process to form sheets of various dimensions.

SCALITE® is free from any deleterious resin, plastic or artificial glue that could potentially be harmless to us and the environment and they only use harmless dies to colour their products.



The Results

SCALITE® is available in various dimensions, colours and finishes. The tiles come in six beautiful standard colours and one natural colour. Their maximum standard dimensions are 300x300mm for a thickness of 12mm (soon 600×600 mm)

Each tile has a unique stone-like pattern which will give life to any design.

To seal the tiles Scale recommends always using a clear lacquer or varnish to protect them. 

To find out more about Scale and their powerful venture to tackle the global issue of waste click here.


Innovative Material made from fish scale waste



The Application

It’s suitable for

  • Interior wall cladding
  • home accessories
  • furniture
  • projects in Retail, Hospitality and Office Design


Innovative Material made from fish scale waste


Images courtesy of Scale/SCALITE®


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