Innovative Materials: Sustaign creates sustainable panels to replicate marble and stone

eclectic trends sustaign moonrise collection

Sustaign is an innovative Design Studio and a small manufacturing house based in the Netherlands that creates unique handmade, super-sized panels to provide customised solutions for retail, architecture, interiors and product design. At Sustaign they want to challenge ideas about waste and the system that creates it.


“Out of curiosity about how things work, we started to develop our own recycling process, a unique process that emerges over a period of time.”



Through this process, Sustaign aims to deliver unique pieces from their sustainable sheet material that will exceed the expectations of their creative and innovative material, the true hidden beauty of plastic waste merged with modern design.

eclectic trends sustaign

The Material

The panels are made entirely from plastic waste and mimic the visual properties of a marble/stone. Here are some of the properties behind the material: 

  • Panels are made of 100% plastic waste and look like high-quality marble. 
  • ​Every panel is unique and handmade, and each one will have its own distinct pattern.
  • Customizable, the studio can create panels almost in all colour combinations.
  • 100% recycled and 100% recyclable in the future.
  • UV Resistance, 100 % waterproof and mould and weather resistant. 
  • Versatile Matt / planed finish and can be polished and customised.


Potential Applications

  • Product/furniture design from small to large products in limited productions.
  • Store and exhibition design, displays, cabinets, signage and partitions.
  • Office: tabletops, shelving, seating and bathrooms.
  • Hospitality: countertops, tabletops, partitions, chairs and bathrooms.
  • Residential: countertops, splashbacks, cabinet doors, furniture and shelving.
  • Recreation: playgrounds, swimming pools and spas.

The Process

While the material is produced as flat sheets, they are incredibly versatile. The studio can cut, screw, drill, mill and weld them together, allowing freedom to create a wide range of designs.

With their in-house advanced machining facilities, the team can offer an incredibly accurate way to cut solid surface panels. They can pre-cut shapes with different profiles, such as table tops or cabinet components. This can reduce shipping costs, and they can recycle the skeleton waste and the milled shavings and reuse them in future products.

​See some of Sytaign’s most recent and beautiful projects below…

Room of Trashures – Dutch Design Week 22 (2022)

eclectic trends sustaign Room of Trashures

eclectic trends sustaign Room of Trashures table

ANQA Studios – Moonrise Collection  (Collab: 2022)

eclectic trends sustaign moonrise collection

Sand by Eastborn – Hilding Anders NL . ( Collab: 2022)

eclectic trends sustaign side table bed

Modern Design (2021)

eclectic trends sustaign modern design collection

eclectic trends sustaign modern design collection green

All images courtesy of Sustaign

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