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Innovative wooden textiles by buro BELÉN

No matter if you are a committed reader or if you are new to Eclectic Trends, you might have realized, or will realize that we highly value the opinion of Li Edelkoort. It’s with big anticipation we are awaiting her month-long celebration of textiles – the ‚New York Textile Month‘!

There is not enough attention from the general public about textiles…The press notably has forgotten to talk about textiles for the past 30 years, and it seems to me that now it is making a comeback.‘
Li Edelkoort


No discipline stands for itself: and this is why we believe that textile innovation will have a big impact on interiors too.

One of those innovative design studios is Buro BELÉN from the Netherlands. Needless to say that all of their projects are beyond stunning, but today we will focus on their textiles. As interior design is one of the fields they focus on, they are experimenting with different fabrics. By broadening and expanding the material qualities of spaces, objects and products, BELÉN creates tangible design for the future. Central to their approach are the intuitive, emotional and physical aspects of design, resulting in products and visions that show unexpected applications of material and colours, as well as revaluations of conventional techniques.

Wooden Textiles by buro BELÉN-Eclectic Trends #textiles

Wooden Textiles by buro BELÉN-Eclectic Trends #textiles

The first example of their work is the mauve colored ‚Another Blanket‘ by Textiellab x Rubia x buroBELÉN where only one single wool bobbin is used to make one single plaid. To save water and dye the technique of dyeing the wool is not completed which makes the fabric ‚decidedly less full of contrast’.

Another example of their work is the pale pink Laying Bag by Febrik x Rubia x Masureel x buroBELÉN. Here The Febrik machine used is the interesting part, as it ‚weaves cylindrical fabrics, which can be cut open and used for upholstery and in other applications. However, the designers have decided to use the machine as a kind of 3D printer that gives the product its shape as it produces the material.

Wooden Textiles by buro BELÉN-Eclectic Trends #textiles

The final, and most exotic pieces are the wooden textiles. There is a very interesting video that exemplifies the process of making wooden textiles. The basis for this ancient handcraft are collected barks from the paper mulberry tree: after the barks are foraged, they are only treated with water and in a long process, they are beaten with hardwood tools until they are very thin and flat and can be glued together to a bigger cloth. These are masterpieces of skilled hand-craftsmanship from artisans from the South Pacific. It never stops surprising me how much handcraft are still involved in certain processes (the video is amazing).

Wooden Textiles by buro BELÉN-Eclectic Trends #textiles

Wooden Textiles by buro BELÉN-Eclectic Trends

wooden textiles

Wooden Textiles by buro BELÉN-Eclectic Trends #textiles

Wooden Textiles by buro BELÉN-Eclectic Trends #textiles

All these techniques, interpreted by buroBELÉN are gorgeous examples of rich textures and interesting colorings. Don’t you think these are gorgeous textiles are a sophisticated combination between contemporary innovation and ancient artistry? G, x


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