Instant Panorama by Studiopepe for Spotti Milano

Usually there is always a small or one big detail that catches our eye when it comes to interiors. This time it is ALL of the details that we can not get enough of. These extraordinary interiors were created by Studiopepe in collaboration with Spotti Milano. They have been working together since 2009 and the creative consulting has generated many astonishing looks. It was a successful team work and therefore Studiopepe develops a new concept every season, ‚inspired by iconographic influences‘. This time we would love to share Instant PanoramaI with you.

If you are regular reader, Studiopepe is probably not new to you being the main character of one of the most read posts on this blog. But we have mentioned them many times and just love what the ladies do being always one step ahead.

Instant Panorama by Studiopepe-Eclectic Trends

Instant Panorama by Studiopepe

Instant Panorama by Studiopepe

Instant Panorama by Studiopepe

Instant Panorama by Studiopepe

Instant Panorama by Studiopepe

Instant Panorama by Studiopepe

Instant Panorama by Studiopepe

Instant Panorama by Studiopepe

It is like we mentioned above: it is not only one piece of furniture, or a breathtaking color that leaves an impression – it is more the mix of wall coverings, lighting, decorative elements, many different carpet designs and last but not least, the stunning furniture. With other words, we have included much more images this time that we used to and it has not been easy.

Ever since Studiopepe and Spotti Milano have started working together, their work has grown and now they include commissioned interior pieces into their spaces.

The name of this project originates as this time Studiopepepe designed the custom-made wallpaper that recalls the tradition of trompe l’oeil and aims to deliver a ‚continuous dialogue between traditional and contemporary design, staged on an unexpected landscape view.‘

The wallpaper is not a humorous detail to delude the eye. It is a more than a detail, it is an interior member in extenso that truly tells a story of how classical and timeless interior elements can be combined with contemporary designs. By connecting the different shades of rust, green, pink and blue with various textures like wooden panels and vintage Berber carpets the interiors gain a subtle harmany.

How about some extra inspiration?

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