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Interior Styling and Photography in Pastels

I guess after having written the colour trend post last week after Imm Cologne 13, I seek for colour everywhere. And let me tell you, I do not like pastels. I do an exception with mint and ice blue. And I do like them one by one but all together has never been my favorite colour combo. BUT: the funny thing about pinning on Pinterest is, there comes a point you can not but accept that this is not even a huge trend anymore but already a very well documented reality. And it gets quite interesting because I have started seeing pastels mixed up with bright yet not neon colours (kind of passé already) like pale pink with saffron and copper.

I have discovered this shooting session for Swedish magazine Plaza Interiör with Stylist Linda Ahman and photographer Therese Winberg through Pinterest and yes, I have created now my own pastel board. I probably will acknowledge some exceptions on my taste since I like these images a lot :) And I hope you too!

Supongo después de haber escrito el post sobre las  tendencias de colores de la feria del mueble IMM Colonia la semana pasada, estoy de alguna manera fijándome más de lo normal en colores estos días. Honestamente, los colores pastel no son mi fuerte. Bueno, con excepción del mint  y azul celeste. Me gustan aún individuales pero no todos los pasteles combinados. Pero lo que hace Pinterest: vas “pineando” y ya no puedes negar la realidad. Los pasteles ya ni son una tendencia sino que ya están más que integrados en el día a día. Y la cosa se pone interesante porque  ya veo combinaciones con colores más fuertes , no con el neón que parece ya es pasado sino rosa palo con tonos tipo azafrán y cobre!

He encontrado este sesión de fotos para la revista Plaza Interiör de la estilista  Linda Ahman y Therese Winberg a través de Pinterest y sí, he creado mi propio board de pasteles . Así que haré alguna excepción con mi sensibilidad visual porque estas imágenes me han gustado mucho y espero que a vosotros también!


How about some extra inspiration?

9 Responses

  1. I am a fan of pastels and I love the clicks! Hmmh, and btw, I have to find another petit cadeaux for you – no cake with pastel topping, LOL ;-) – will brows your pastel board on pinterest to draw inspiration from.
    Hugs, my dear,

  2. Wunderschön! Ich liebe pastellige Farben und kann nur zu gut verstehen, dass du jetzt auch “angesteckt” bist. Bei den Bildern kann man doch gar nicht anders.

    Liebste Grüße,

  3. Funny, I had kind of the same experience with pastels – they’re not really my thing and with this pastel overload on pinterest I was annoyed at first and now ‘m starting to like it it, too. I thought I was just pinterest-brainwashed (can we please make this an official term?) but you’re probably right – there are some talented designers and stylists out there who love working with pastels. And they do it well. I surrender…

    1. Uhhh, Pinterest brainwashed… I thought the official term was “Pinterest inspired” :-)
      But you are right there is a big hype right now. I guess we all have to decide where to put our efforts and make it suitable for us, meaning social media channels!

  4. I don’t especially love pastels, but I’m fixing up a room for my baby and think pastels would work well for a newborn girl. So I may not be wild about this trend, but the pastel craze sweeping Pinterest is pretty helpful for this point in my life!

    1. Hi Deepa, seems there a more people out there than I thought who are too much into pastels either. But in your case Pinterest might definitely help. Hope you are all feeling well!

  5. I saw an image today on pinterest that was a kind of dusty pink & pale green..but there was also a strong flash of royal transformed a typically pastel scene into something altogether more punchy and kind of masculine.. I definately like seeing pastels paired with unconventional partners!

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