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Is this the bathroom of the future?

Wellness Dome by Hans Grohe Group

What can the bathroom of the future look like?

Indulging in a warm shower is a universal pleasure, offering a comforting contrast to the often chilly atmosphere of bathrooms. Beyond the physical act of cleansing, the water cascading down serves as a brief retreat from the day’s demands. However, our reliance on this precious resource is no longer sustainable.

Today, numerous regions worldwide grapple with severe water shortages, and the ongoing energy crisis underscores the consequences of dwindling and costly resources. The challenges persist despite our collective efforts to meet the 2030 climate targets.

Hansgrohe has worked on a visionary solution—an eco-conscious bathroom concept that aligns seamlessly with human needs and nature’s preservation. Conceptually, their vision goes far beyond technological innovation and the sustainability triad of “reduce, reuse, and recycle.”


Can we regenerate with almost no water in the bathroom?

People’s need for wellness competes with the growing need to conserve water – an inner conflict for everyone. The result is a vision of a modular system based on the idea of a circular water economy with small water cycles, which are closed as quickly as possible.



Controlled water release

‘Base’ allows showering with only 10 liters.

It embodies a comprehensive vision that integrates various modules for body cleansing within a compact space. Covering just a few square meters, ‘Base’ seamlessly houses a 10-liter shower, a washbasin, and a toilet stool, each boasting multiple functionalities:

The shower delivers pH-neutral and skin-friendly water for a thorough body cleanse. An illuminated shower head provides a visual indicator of the remaining water duration. The washbasin offers a trio of spray types, with two utilizing cold water exclusively. The innovative toilet system utilizes shower water for flushing, rendering the need for toilet paper obsolete.


Is this the bathroom of the future

The light in the ball notifies the user when the shower phase is about to end.

Is this the bathroom of the future

The wash station features three spray types.

Is this the bathroom of the future

The toilet separates feces and urine to reduce the amount of water required for flushing. Moreover, the used shower water can be utilized for flushing. The integrated shower makes toilet paper redundant.

The Wellness Dome

‘Sphere’ is the sanctuary for well-being. Nestled within the bathroom, it serves as a haven for mental rejuvenation. This futuristic lounge chair, adorned with a comforting dome, exudes an intimate ambiance. Departing from the traditional long bath, ‘Sphere’ offers a multisensory experience, blending gentle lighting, soothing sounds, and a fragrant blend of essential oils enveloped in warm steam.

Wellness Dome by Hans Grohe Group

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