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Italian Design: Casa Fayette by Dimore Studio

Casa Fayette-Restaurant-Studio Dimore-Eclectic Trends

They have done it again! My favorite Milanese interior design duo Dimore Studio has been working with influences from Mexico’s Jalisco region, including textiles and ceramics, mixing with glossy finishes and mirrored surfaces at Casa Fayette, a chic thirty-seven rooms opened a couple of month ago.

Casa Fayette-Hall-Studio Dimore-Eclectic- Trends

Casa Fayette-bath-Studio Dimore-Eclectic Trends

Casa Fayette-Studio Dimore-Bedroom-Eclectic Trends

Casa Fayette-Room-Studio Dimore-Eclectic Trends

Casa Fayette-Restaurant-Studio Dimore-Eclectic Trends

Casa Fayette-Bar-Studio Dimore-Eclectic Trends

Casa Fayette-Pool-Studio Dimore-Eclectic Trends

They were asked to convey the Guadalajara color palette, as well as its vibrant art scene. As a result, the hotel reflects the changing face of the area by blending the traditional with the on-trend.

I can really distinguish just from seeing a color palette of their work, nobody plays with color the way they do it. I always think, I would not live like that but I find it utterly inspiring in an interior design surrounding with many mainstream projects. That’s at least the case in Barcelona. Not saying that’s not good, but if you are looking for different styles, these Italian designers definitely got it! G, x

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