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It’s trending: Black Kitchen

My leitmotiv this week is ‘interior trends’. I am attending the IMM Cologne show as a visitor to see what’s going on, and I am giving several trend talks on interior design at the BAU show in Munich. I will post less this week but thought I might share meanwhile an insight on trendy kitchen designs.

Black kitchen design-Eclectic Trends

I’d love to revamp my kitchen in 2015 with custom cabinet doors and probably a new countertop, that’s why I started a Pinterest board and noticed all the black images popping in.

black kitchen trend - Eclectic Trends


black kitchen trend - Eclectic Trends


black kitchen trend - keywords

Katty Schiebeck

black kitchen trend - Eclectic Trends


There is a lot going on now when it comes to modern kitchen design. I am no expert here but one can see one of the emerging trends (besides open shelving and custom cabinetry) is black furniture. And black tiling. The overall look is often paired with white but not always.

Black kitchen designs started to get important already 2014 and seem to become established this year. Still for a minority, I’d say. Generally speaking, black is really really strong right now in interior design.

black kitchen trend - Eclectic Trends


Furniture-style cabinetry is getting interesting too, and there is loads of wooden doors on the market which I believe is one of the nicest features to bring a warm and personal touch to your kitchen.

Black kitchen design-Eclectic Trends


Islands seem to be the must-have as a standard and an open kitchen space to start with. Or is this just a glossy magazine and catalog feature? Still a dream for most kitchen lover in Spain where you find mostly small rooms and… don’t better get me start talking about day light :)

Black kitchen trend- Eclectic Trends

Line Thit Klein Photography

It’s interesting to see how a feminine color can change the entire story here, add a pop of pink and a warm herringbone parket, and you have the most stylish kitchen!

Black kitchen trend- Eclectic Trends


If was participating last year in a styling competition at the Vipp Store in Copenhagen when I first starting appreciating a black kitchen. I do remember the price too, it ended somehow on a sobering note but it’s probably well deserved since it’s a long manufacturing process.

black kitchen trend - Eclectic Trends

Maison Hand

And how do you feel about black backsplashes? The squared ones above with the irregular surface are just fantastic (see more images of that kitchen) but I am not sure I’d like them for my home.

black kitchen trend - Eclectic Trends

Sylvester Koziolek 

Black kitchen trend - Eclectic Trends

Elle Decoration Norway

So, who is up for black kitchen furniture or tiling? Or both?

I’ll be back soon. Un abrazo from Germany. G, x

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How about some extra inspiration?

18 Responses

  1. Hello lovely Gudy and happy 2015! Well I have to say I love black kitchens and the ones you chose are stunning. I particularly love the pink details, it kind of softens the look:) My Sydney apartment has the white version of the uneven tiles that go butt to butt (can’t remember the name of them but I think they’re Spanish?) and it looks amazing, I actually considered black but the room was too dark for it. Have fun at the shows, wish I could join you. Big hugs. Mel xx

    1. Hi Mel, it’s good to see you back and yes, have an amazing 2015 you too! I am glad you had a longer break! I don’t know where the uneven tiles are from, I wish they were Spanish:-) Sending big hug! x

  2. We’ve just bought a new kitchen – it is completely white. I love looking at black kitchens but would not love to have one : ). But I ordered some lovely black matt ceramics to have this bold black feeling you captured in your well chosen pics. Hugs, Sabine

    1. Hi Sabine, I guess I would go for a lighter kitchen too, mainly because I want the kitchen to last and feel good about it still in a few years to come. The matt ceramics will give a good contrast!x

  3. I’ve noticed this black love for kitchens lately and I’m definitely loving it. I’m not into black at all but I have to admit it adds an elegant touch which is always welcome in one of the messiest room in the house. We have seen a lot of woods and whites in the last few years and with this new trend kitchens become chic and classy. I can’t wait to see what else you’ll spot in the fairs. I’m going to Maison & Objet this coming week-end. I’m curious to see what else I can spot there :-) Have a lovely day dear Gudy!

  4. It creates a very high end look, I must admit, and would suit someone keen on the latest trends, city style living and would look fantastic in a minimalist inspired home!
    I still prefer a white kitchen myself…I had a warm Oak wood kitchen for a long time and about 5years we remodelled and I chose ‘Antique White’ which is a warm white – it just lifted the space – I love it but my next kitchen ( we are planning to build a new home) will be even whiter!

    1. Hi Anastasia, I believe a trend is mostly meant for a few end consumers since it is many times a reaction to a former trend ( here we talk white) being the opposite. That’s why few people embrace it, not everybody is ready and that is just fine.
      Black has to do with light and space too in my opinion and white is perfect for any circumstance. x

  5. I love it! And relieved to see I am on trend – I did a kitchen moodboard post last year on my blog with black being the predominant colour. Especially love it teemed up with the natural tones of brown and wood like the image you show from Maison Hand. Hoping to actually put the moodboard into practice sometime this year!

  6. Brilliant post and yes please I would love a black kitchen!
    I agree with Sabine though, it’s possible to add black details
    to make it look great too if you have a different colour kitchen.
    Have a good time and speak soon! Hege xx

  7. Very unique use of the colour black. Its a very popping hard lines designed trait that people are too afraid to use. I personally use this type of colours for all clients but many are just too afraid to use such a popping trait in their houses

    1. Interesting, I guess the more they get to see it on magazines, movies, shops, the easier it gets. Unless there is a lot of social proof during some time, people tend to be cautious, and that’s very similar on all markets. I just had this conversation with a Norwegian brand too.

  8. I love the images you selected Gudy! I really need a kitchen revamp and these photos make me consider black now. My neighbour also has a black kitchen and it does add sophistication to the space. Thanks for sharing!

  9. hi
    I think you’re right, in this time black kitchen is more favorable to all women. And your kitchen design collection is very helpful for remodeling kitchen. Black kitchen features are warm, attractive, and your personal touch of home. Thanks.

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