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It’s Trending: How To Rock (Ebook)

Ebook It's Trending How To Rock

We are back with another article of our It’s Trending series: How To Rock is one of the themes you might want to consider as part of upcoming design aesthetics within Lifestyle Trends 2021/22. Rocks are entering the design scene.

There are two reasons why we see an incremented activity and expression:



In times of crisis, we seek stability and security. One component of Pantone’s Color Of The Year 2021 refers precisely to that feeling, with Ultimate Gray showing fortitude. The idea of bringing solid materials into interior design, which represent indestructibility and fortitude, is reflected by the rising use of raw rock aesthetics.

A rock reminds resilience.

After a long time of seeing polished and premium stone such as marble, designers are going back to the idea of unaltered materials embracing a less shiny look.

The marble style has been on the market for years, entered mass-market retailers; it is little wonder that a fresh take is more than welcome for a few.


Apart from seeking stability, we crave nature in its rawest form after many months of semi-liberty. Nature’s essence in its purest form comes unaltered, savage, and wild. Rocks have been there for centuries, they create contrast and provide an excellent visual transition.



The vast majority of the examples you find in this ezine can be considered functional sculptures, moving within the disciplines of art and interior design for daily use.


We present both physical and virtual manifestations, inviting the reader to get immersed in a world that allows for real and digitally created sceneries.

Here go five examples to start with; for the full article (+25 images), please download the ezine.



“We are living in a time that we will never forget. The world has changed, our world has changed, and so does the relationship with our homes, which have become our sanctuaries. “ – Michel Lott

Brazilian retailer Estar Móveis presents an exhibition curated and designed by creative director Michell Lott with new pieces and re-editions that reflect on our current journey in search of reconnection with the planet and ourselves through forms, materials, textures, and colors.

The Rocha table designed by Ian Diesendruck represents the borderless work between product design and art.

New Capsule Trend Report: How To Rock (ebook)



The Shale Collection’s name was inspired by the cliffs outside Simon Johns‘ studio, in the Missisquoi Valley in Quebec. Shale is a type of rock formation that tends to split and erode in layers, leaving behind a layered and random composition of textures. The mapping of the composition of this cliff was sketched onto the pieces of the collection, and carved out in layers, with a router and a chisel.

It's Trending: How To Rock (ebook)



Collin Townsend Velkoff is a multidisciplinary artist and designer from the United States whose work is heavily influenced by material experimentation and takes cues from science fiction, archeology, and architecture. His diverse practice explores the combination of industrial methodologies and materials with organic form languages.

Velkoff’s practice investigates the fluidity and malleability of function as he attempts to generate narratives through the creation of unique objects. His wide range of experience with materials and their process culminates in the development of new methodologies of creation. Research, experimentation, and the physical connection with materials are at the heart of his practice.

It's Trending: How To Rock (ebook)



“Upon an isolated redoubt of the Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca, The Olive Houses stand in the company of millenary olive trees and massive rock formations. The stone terrace walls and gentle trimming of the olive trees are the sole sign of human intervention. 

In this project, the site itself, which we didn’t want to alter, dictated what to do. 

The Pink House is built around a giant rock which is undoubtedly the main character in the space. Beside it, an open shower is installed fed by rainwater collected and filtered on the roof and illuminated naturally with a skylight. A bed under the views of the valley on the opposite wall and a fireplace between the two giving warmth and keeping the space dry. The elements needed for a comfortable sleep feeling as close to nature as possible. “ – Mar Plus Ask Architects

It's Trending: How To Rock (ebook)




Rock Island House, Sardinia (Italia) was created by virtual genius Charlotte Taylor in collaboration with Joe Mortell. The rendered project consists of a series of rooms across independent islands.

It's Trending: How To Rock (ebook)



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Ebook It's Trending How To Rock



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