It’s Trending: metal black framed room dividers

One of the often posted images in interior design goes right now around the black metal trim around windows & doors. What used to have a very industrial look, is now evolving slightly towards a more contemporary approach mixing steel with warmer decor and plants to offset them.

Micro Trend: black framed metal windows

Via DPages

micro trend- black metal framed brydie mack

 Brydie Mack Photography

micro trend- black metal framed windows patio

Dabito Photography

micro trend- black metal framed windows in copenhagen-2

micro trend- black metal framed windows in copenhagen

Bedroom and living: pernille vest photography for elle decoration. Here goes the entire post of this renovated former schoolhouse.

What has been used for doors and windows is becoming – and that is the trend here – an indoor element. You’ll see them more and more as a room divider option now. When in Milan earlier this year, I already observed really nice room divider designs (in a different material though) at the international Salone event.

tending black steel room dividers


Home of Jaime Lacasa 

micro trend- black metal framed windows shower


And that’s the image that made me think about writing a trend post because when you even find those doors in a shower, we can definitely say these metal frames have gone beyond their initial purpose and are all trending now.

micro trend- black metal framed windows kitchen

Hecker Guthrie

And this last image above is a very nice example of how to soften a cooler metal look with some greenery all set up in beautiful different glass containers. If you ever had any doubts of how to integrate these room dividers not wanting a too obvious industrial style, get a half-round table with some plants allowing still visibility, and you are all set!

Note: 17.09.14 I have just found this image on the net and had to add it. Isn’t it the perfect fit?

Trending- black metal room dividers

Bruno Suet Photography

trends final post

How about some extra inspiration?

14 Responses

  1. Hi Gudy!

    I wonder where do you get those vintage like metal framed widows and doors like in renovated former schoolhouse?

    It would be so cool to have a cupboard with that kind of doors.

    Have a great day!


    1. I honestly think there is a lot made new now (looking vantage) and you can order any size already. Like the old greenhouses Victorian style…xx

  2. I noticed this when I photographed and featured the home of James van der Velden, (interior designer of the Citizen M hotels) on my blog and on Houzz. I got soo many question where to buy the steel frames. I like it because it divides two spaces, while still maintaining a spacious feeling and letting the light freely disperse.

    1. I’ve just been googling and there are some providers depending on where you are based. Honestly, I didn’t thought people would like ti so much…:-) x

      1. Hi Gaudy
        I’m trying to find this exact thing but can only find one brand in the UK called IQ. Do you have any other recommendations?

        1. I am really sorry, but we do not provide product information. I recommend you google a similar term you are searching for and get more up-to-date information since that post is from 2014. Thanks!

  3. Necesitamos una puerta de esas Gudy! Son maravillosas, crean mundos absolutamente invernadero, enmarcan cualquier entorno, dan vida, son delicadas y rotundas a la vez,…, definitivamente necesitamos una!

  4. I really like this trend, in fact I could live completely surrounded by the glass walls to have as much natural light inside as possible, but then I always think…what about the neighbours? :D Have a great day Gudy, Hugs x

    1. You mean since they don’t see it’s crystal? Oh, I hope the black trim makes them realize that! My grandfather had a winter garden and I gave him stickers of black birds…but that was back in the 80’s:-)

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