IT’S TRENDING: 10 Examples of The Terrazzo Style

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We already introduced the poetic mix and match of different marbles and other stones like quartz on a large-scale and here . Observed since beginning of this year, confirmed at the Salone del Mobile, today we would love to show you how Terrazzo made a successful entry into all kinds of interior disciplines, from table tops to being a lamp foundation.

Terrazzo has a long history: hundred and hundred of years ago starting its triumphal procession in southern Europe, mainly Italy. History has it, that Venetian construction workers began to combine waste of expensive marble they got from exclusive assignments with plain clay to create inexpensive flooring. This way simple marble waste and broken chips gained value by an improvised act of need.

Now, the look of Terrazzo seems very appealing not only because of the unlimited variety of natural stones and all kinds of colorful chips that are now used for Terrazzo looking surfaces. Some of the following projects can be called ‘real terrazzo’, other are mimicking the style.




Normann Copenhagen




Terraza Project




Nov Gallery


Besler & Sons


Julien Demanche





Diving deeper into accurate observations on trends, we would love to quote Lideweij Edelkoort

Confronted with the adversary of human designed disasters and manmade political scandals paralyzing our planet and countries, people’s only resource becomes faith.

- Li Edelkoort in FAITH


With this investigation on his mind, Philip Fimmano, Li Edelkoort’s closest contributor and exhibition curator, comes to the conclusion, that humans turn to valuable natural materials, precious stones being part of a different sense of spirituality. Turning to the exuberant use of natural stones can be seen ‚as a form of meditation and as therapy, bonding with plants and animals on an almost telepathic level, minerals are believed by many to have possess metaphysical powers … nature is a protector and something to respect, honor and worship.‘ (P. Fimmano in ‚FAITH‘)

This interest in ancient crafts and their sustainable methods, coupled with contemporary knowledge is a reliable warrant for innovative design, and this we are experiencing in this Micro Trend with Terrazzo.




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